Youkoso v2c3 part 1

Hi guys,

My progress has been super slow lately, and I haven’t been able to release as I’d like because of jet lag and traveling. I was able to get a third of chapter 3 done, and so I’ll release this now as part 1 (although it actually has about 4 actual “parts” in it).

Now that I’m back home, hopefully I can get back on schedule.

Sorry for all the delays, and enjoy this next part.

Note: my editor is also has other stuff to do and so this initial release is largely self-edited, and will be updated with edits later on.

Gamers! v2c5

I’m back once again (after a long time for this series too). I fixed up some of the ability names/cleaned up chapter 4, so go see if you’d like (nothing too major that really affects the story).

The next chapter will either be split into half or released as a whole 2 weeks later. It’s already the last chapter, but it’s easily the longest section of the book (maybe 30-40% of the whole book). Expect another delayed release.

Enjoy this chapter, and see you soon!

Youkoso v2c2 part 3

Chapter 2 is now over! Sorry for the mistake in part 1.

After this week, this series will be released weekly-unless the chapter is super long, expect these every Thursday. Also, the illustrations/pictures will be updated once I return home from my vacation.

(edit: the next chapter is ~11-12 parts, this is definitely not going to arrive in a week. Expect a week and a half to two weeks since I’ll be flying sometime soon again.)

Gamers! will resume on Monday.

Here’s part 3 and the full chapter. Enjoy!

(I might get into manga scanlations as a fun side project. Might pop up just for fun here.)

Youkoso v2c2 part 2

It’s been a while!

Everything that’s been busy for me in the past few weeks is now over, and I can get back to translating. Also, if you didn’t see my big mess-up once again, please check out part 1 again (I misread the HTML raws again my bad).

After the end of this chapter, I will be changing to full chapter releases since I now have an editor on this series! My editor is Candy-Sama; please welcome him! I’ll plan to release every Thursday, so that Gamers! is on Monday and this series comes out on Thursday-about halfway through the week

On that note, enjoy part 2 and see you again in a few days!

Gamers! will be out next week. Sorry for the constant delays.

Youkoso v2c2 part 1

Hey guys,

This’ll be the last update for this week until next Tuesday at the very least. Afterwards, it’ll be more consistent.

Here’s part 1 and the full chapter (short one this time) IS NOT SHORT, just missed the rest of the chapter. Enjoy!

(edit: I am what you call a super big idiot; I’m working with HTML raws this time and didn’t realize the next html section was just cut off by a picture. will be updated by the time I get back is updated, and Gamers! won’t be out for another week.)