Blog update #3: Are we… alive?

Hello everyone, Candy-Sama here!

I’m pretty sure everyone’s asking this and kind of hoping for an answer, but yes we’re alive! Well, sorta.

It pains me to say this but, Qbomb’s socially dead. I haven’t been able to reach him for quite a while now. My best guess is that he was consumed by his national conscription back at his home country, or stuck studying in college at his current(as far as I’m aware) residence over in the US. My last message from him is almost a year now at this point, and he probably  wont respond anytime soon at this rate.

Meanwhile, on my end, I’m also consumed by the Army. I’ve been called up to serve for 2 years, and I’m almost reaching my one year mark. That being said, it’s been honestly kinda rough for me – I barely have time to sit down and do something, let alone editing. In fact, I barely have time to even read what’s out there for Youkoso. That being said, I’ll probably try to squeeze an hour or two every couple of days, reworking v1 and v2, and of course fixing Q’s sentences.

But I have some good news at least. Graze is part of Confused TLs!

I reached out to Graze a couple of days ago, who I heard was TLing Vol. 6, and asked if he wanted to join Confused TLs to fill in the gap. He agreed and now we’re working on sorting things out between us(work flow and plans, timings etc.). Expect some further good news soon!


That’s all I have right now, thanks for reading this shitty blog post. I’ll try to respond to the comments as soon as possible!

Have a Super Awesome Splendid Fantastical Amazing Day/Night!


Youkoso v2c3 part 2

Hi again!

Even though my job is over, I’m busier than I expected ㅠㅠ but I expected to get much more done in the next few weeks! Thanks for sticking by to read, everyone!

Here are the next few parts, and a note:

  1. I am aware that the anime uses the name “Chabashira-sensei” as the teacher’s name, but my raws clearly say “Chiyabashira-sensei” (look below for picture), so I am not sure as to what name I should use. I’ll keep it as is for now, but I may change it later.


(I also copy and pasted the line; it’s definitely not a small や.)

Gamers! v2c6 part 2

Hello and welcome back to “very late updates” by qbomb! On this episode, we finally finish Gamers v2, and get to announce that I am now back to translating Youkoso after a short break! Thank you everyone for waiting patiently, and now that my summer job is wrapping up, I should have some more time in the coming few weeks.

Also, if you haven’t seen the blog post that my editor, Candy-sama, has made, please check it out! We’ve recently created a discord, and it’d be great if you would join.

Here is part 2 and the full chapter; and v3 should start up very soon.

Two notes from me, unrelated from the chapter:

  1. Lately I have been seeing some adfly links as referrals. If you are the owner of these adfly link, please take them down. I do not want my content to be monetized, as I am providing this for free. Also, if you’ve seen an adfly url linking to my content somewhere, please tell me where the link is hosted.
  2. I have been contacted by someone in the past week through my website (I do not get these often, so if you are the person who has contacted me, it is you-I don’t wish to divulge private information), but could not reply because the email seemed to be incorrect and it got bounced back to me. If this is you, please contact me again or PM me on discord. Thanks! (also, it was an outlook email, if that helps).

Blog Update #2 – Site changes, Translation Schedule and Discord?!

Hello everyone, Candy-Sama again!

I know it’s kinda soon to post this but this was decently big news so we had to push it out! Though, on that note, I might actually make more posts so we’ll be more active on the blog!

Alright, first up – Site update! We have decided to make a few changes with site, some of which you guys might have seen already(the about section was changed, and soon the text on the right side). We plan to make a few more changes, some of which is the cover photos and stuff – we have a little secret project on that one! More details soon, I think?

Next up, Discord announcement! We’ve just finished setting up the basic stuff for a discord server, so feel free to join here! We’ll be posting a link to it in the “Contact us” section so either click the link above or just head on over there! (Hint hint, I posted it in my bio under the “About” section as well!)

And finally, Translation Schedule! I just finished talking with Q, and his plans for TL right now is to wrap up the current volume for “Gamers!” which would be released sometime this week, then get back on Youkoso in a weeks time. That gives me a small amount of time to actually revisit the old chapters, and I’ll try to do just that! Look forward to it! And yes, we are aware that the translations will most likely be behind both animes by the time they’re done,  but that will not discourage us!

On the topic of the anime adaptations though, would you like us to review the episodes for Youkoso and Gamers as they come out?(This might be changed!) It would be obviously be behind by a few weeks, but we probably can do it!

That’s about it on our side, feel free to post your comments or questions below and join us on discord! ^^
Have a Super Awesome Splendid Fantastical Amazing Day!

Blog Update and Q&A

Hey everyone! Candy-Sama here!

Just a little blog update in place of QBomb since he’s been busy with his summer job!

In case you guys were wondering, Youkoso is still ongoing, though rather slow. I’ve just returned from an editing break, and will be working on getting Chapter 3 out soon! It’s a rather large chapter(90 pages! ;~; ), but hopefully by next week I can get this done!

That being said, some of you guys may be wondering “why is Volume 1 different than the latest chapters?”. This is due to the fact that I’ve just joined recently, and by recent, I meant when Chapter 2 of the 2nd volume was being translated.  So you guys may or may not have seen some inconsistencies there.

With that explained, once Chapter 3 is out, I’ll be returning to the first volume and start editing on those chapters! Please do bear in mind I’m actually still a newbie in the editing department(I’m actually being mentored by some really talented people!) and I might make a few mistakes here and there, so please do tell me if I have done so!

That’s all on the editing side of things, but these plans might be placed on hold or even changed if QBomb wants to continue releasing the newer chapters first!

Ah, before I forget: Q&A time!

Feel free to post any questions and I’ll answer them over the course of the next few days! ^^

Have a Super Awesome Splendid Fantastical Amazing Day!

Youkoso v2c3 part 1

Hi guys,

My progress has been super slow lately, and I haven’t been able to release as I’d like because of jet lag and traveling. I was able to get a third of chapter 3 done, and so I’ll release this now as part 1 (although it actually has about 4 actual “parts” in it).

Now that I’m back home, hopefully I can get back on schedule.

Sorry for all the delays, and enjoy this next part.

Note: my editor is also has other stuff to do and so this initial release is largely self-edited, and will be updated with edits later on.