1/18 Update

Hello everyone.

I’ve decided to run another update.

I’ve posted the final part of Chapter 3 of Volume 2 of Youkoso, and I will probably be putting this Volume on pause for a while, if not indefinitely. My attention will be focused on the Instant Death Series and the 9th and 10th volumes of Youkoso moving forward. If I somehow finish V9 and V10 with time to spare before the official release of the 2nd Volume, then I’ll consider picking it back up to work on it. I will probably not be touching it again, however.

That said, here is the link to Part 11 of Chapter 3 of Volume 2.

In the meantime, if you haven’t seen it yet, I completed the final parts of Chapter 4 of V9 as well. I will be doing the introduction of Chapter 5 very very soon, and then either do the next Chapter of Instant Death, or Part 1 of Chapter 5. Regardless of which I choose, I will be doing Chapter 3 of Instant Death in the near future, so please look forward to it! Thanks!


Youkoso V9 Chapter 4 Intro


I finished V9 Chapter 4 Intro. I plan on rapid-firing off the rest of Chapter 4 in the next few days. Look forward to it!

Chapter 4 Intro found here.

Various Updates


I’ve picked up the Instant Death series since my last update, and I’ve also been translating a lot of stuff since then as well. I also decided to start uploading Volume 9 of Youkoso on here as well. Here’s what has been completed:

Youkoso Volume 9 Chapter 2 Part 4
Youkoso Volume 9 Chapter 3 Intro
Youkoso Volume 9 Chapter 3 Part 1
Instant Death Volume 4 Chapter 1
Youkoso Volume 9 Chapter 3 Part 2
Youkoso Volume 9 Chapter 3 Part 3
Youkoso Volume 9 Chapter 3 Part 4
Youkoso Volume 9 Chapter 3 Part 5
Instant Death Volume 4 Chapter 2

Youkoso V2C3P12, Instant Death V4P2, and Youkoso V9C3P5 (I did this one already)¬†are all on the horizon from here. Not sure what order they’ll be released in, but they’ll be released in some order or another.

Thanks for reading!

Small? Update

Hello everyone, Graze here.

I wanted to do a brief update on a few things. I moved around some of the headers on the website to outline exactly which series were dropped and which were not. This way we would hopefully get fewer questions/queries about whether or not we were continuing series that we are sadly not currently continuing.

About an update for the next parts of V2, it should be relatively soon. I still have yet to see anything regarding a takedown notice for anything Youkoso related, so the current plan is to continue and hopefully finish the translation someday. I am kinda also working on Volume 9 on the side so that is taking some time, but I should still be able to get parts of V2 out when possible, and if I can’t, the official translation of the volume is slated for release in August, so that can be looked forward to instead.

Next, I’ve gone and uploaded the entirety of my translation of Youkoso’s 6th volume to the website, complete with illustrations. This is in hopes of letting people who are only aware that what has been translated here is just the tip of the iceberg. I won’t be linking to any sources for any of the other volumes in the series other than Volume 6 and possibly parts of the 9th volume that I work on at a later date. You’ll have to search for those yourself as I was not the translator responsible for them.

Finally, I decided recently to possibly maybe sorta kinda agreeing to translate another series sometime as a personal side project. I have ideas currently about what to do if I choose to do anything, but I’m also willing to take suggestions. Let me know through discord or comments about what you might want to see me work on, and I’d be glad to consider it. Sadly, I can confidently tell you that I have no interest in continuing the translation of the Gamers! light novel series. Just let me know! Thanks and happy holidays!


Youkoso V2C3 Part 10

Oof. It’s been a while longer than I intended with getting this part out to you all. I’ve been caught up with college finals and scheduling conflicts for the part, so it took a bit to get it out. Part 11 is already almost done. Expect to see that in the really near future. Chapter 3 is looking almost completed at this time as well. Thanks for being patient with me! It’s a break from college now so I’ll be able to pound out a good amount of stuff moving forward.

Anyways, here’s Part 10! Hope you enjoy it. Thanks!

Youkoso V2C3P9

Hello everyone. It’s been quite a while since our last update, but we’ve finished Part 9 of Volume 2! It’s a little bit on the shorter side, but the next part is quite long, so look forward to that.

You can find it here!

Part 10 is currently underway. The part should be completed in approximately a week to two weeks. Look forward to it then! Thanks for reading.

Youkoso V2C3 Part 8

Hello everyone, Graze here. We’ve finished up Part 8 of Chapter 3, which you can find here!

The releases have been a bit slower than we’ve anticipated, but we fully intend to keep pumping them out. Hopefully, we’ll fall into a rhythm and be able to release parts a bit faster than this. To answer a common question I’ve been hearing, there are a total of 11 parts in Chapter 3. Part 9 is getting close to complete, so the next release should be much sooner than this one took. Thanks for reading.