Instant Death

(This page is WIP. Expect it to suck until I’m motivated to change that.)

ID Cover.jpgRaws


Growth cheats? Infinite magic power? The ability to utilize all archetypes? What’s the point if instant death ends everything with a single attack?

High school senior Yogiri Takatou was on a school field trip when he woke up to a dragon assaulting his sightseeing bus, with the only ones still on the bus being him and his female classmate, the panicking Tomochika Dannoura. Apparently, the rest of his classmates had been given special powers by Sion, a woman who introduced herself as Sage, and escaped from the dragon, leaving those that hadn’t received any special powers behind as dragon bait.

And so Yogiri was thrown into a parallel universe full of danger, with no idea of what just happened. Likewise, Sion had no way of knowing just what kind of being she had summoned to her world.

Table of Contents

Volume 1 Chapter 1 – Volume 1 Chapter 33

Translated by Saku with Saku Translations. Found here.

Volume 1 Chapter 34 – Volume 3 Chapter 19

Translated by ThyUnsuspicious from Sad Hoovy’s Inhuman Translations. Found here

Volume 4 Act 1

Chapter 1What sort of hobby is the extermination of the human race?
Chapter 2: How is someone able to enjoy another world so leisurely…?
Chapter 3: Ah, Mokomoko-san, you haven’t passed on yet.
Chapter 4: Just you wait. I’m coming for you right now.
Chapter 5: If that’s what’s going on, then I’m not sure I even needed to be here…
Chapter 6: Mokomoko-san… The electromagnetic waves have finally gotten to you, haven’t they…?
Chapter 7: The youngster’s ex-girlfriend showed up out of nowhere, so your surprise is understandable.
Chapter 8: She’s probably back at home right now munching on potato chips.
Chapter 9: On hold for now.

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    • I posted it and I have no schedule for the series translation. It happens when I can get around to it. Right now I’m alternating a bit between my two series I’m working on. My focus now is on the Youkoso series until I finish the 6th Chapter of that.


      • Thanks for the reply (and the chapter too!)
        so “it’s done when it’s done” then, i suppose the wait is worth it if it means the chapter is well done, eh
        Again, thanks, really appreciate your translation 🙂


  1. Please consider picking up this series again…Asian Hobbyist is where all novels go to die…The ammount of effort they do in taking in ad revenue and the little effort into actually translating makes every novel they pick up die…Please consider this T.T


  2. Thank you very much for the translation of this web-novel, do you know if someone or some page is translating the light novel or do you have the raws of it?


    • For the time being: yes. It’s still on my mind since the group that picked it up has such poor translations. but there are no plans to work on it further for the time being.


  3. Graze are you planning on continuing translating instant death after you finish classroom of the elite volume 15 (Not trying to pressure you or anything, I just wanted to know)


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