3/18 Update

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since my last update post.

Quite a large amount of stuff has taken place these last few weeks, so I’d like to take a moment to answer some questions and make a few announcements for all of you.

First up, I have finished Volume 9, Chapter 6, Part 5 of Youkoso. I have actually finished quite a few parts since the last post, but as this is the most recent, I figured I’d leave it with that. With this, I am very slightly under halfway finished with Chapter 6 of the 9th Volume. There is a Chapter 7 and an Epilogue after Chapter 6 is finished. I have also made the choice to edit and post the earlier parts of V9 that were translated by another translator. My goal is simply to keep the volume together as much as possible, and in no way do I claim that said translation is my own work. I have simply done some basic editing to the works. This encompasses Volume 9 Prologue through Volume 9 Chapter 2 Part 3. Anything past this portion of the Volume is my own work.

Secondly, I have gotten to meet quite a few people these last few weeks who have been willing to pitch a hand with the series doing what they can. I’ve now got Catalystic helping out with some proofreading and occasional editing work for the 9th Volume. He’s been pretty helpful so far, so I’m glad to have his help.

As many of  you have probably already seen, I have finished translating the first part of Volume 10 of the series. This was allowed to happen with the help of another person that I’ve gotten into contact with, Regular_Days, who had been interested in Machine Translating the 10th Volume. I got in touch with him and now I’m teaching him how to translate properly, as well as editing and working on the parts that he needs help with for the 10th Volume as well. I do not know what speed these parts will release, but I’ll definitely post them when the relevant parts are finished. Please know that Volume 9 will still be my priority above Volume 10.

Moving on to Instant Death, I feel rather bad for the extensively long break that’s taken place between my last chapter and today. As I said last month, I will now be changing tracks for a short while to get the next chapter of Instant Death translated. Given the extensive span of time that’s taken place between now and the last chapter, I have decided that I will be translating two chapters of Instant Death instead of one before resuming my work on Youkoso. The next chapter after that will be translated after I finish the remainder of Chapter 6 of Volume 9. I really am sorry for the extensive wait here.

In other news, I have finally succumbed to making some form of donation system. The number of people willing to offer their support for the work that I’m doing is much higher than I’ve ever expected, so I decided to finally just set something up. I’ve created a Ko.fi page and you can reach it via the link on the sidebar. Please feel free to donate if you wish, but please know that any donation will not guarantee that my translations will be done sooner. The most I can promise is that when a donation comes in, I will definitely put in more effort towards finishing what I’m working on, up to the point where I feel as though I have done the donation justice.

Anywho, this was a long post, but I had a lot of information to cover. I will be getting started on the next Instant Death chapter right after I post this, and I have no idea what my ETA is for said chapter’s completion. It’s quite the unpredictable series, after all.

Thank you for all of your overwhelming support these last couple of months. It really means a lot to me and gives me reason to keep improving. I hope all of you can see the improvement firsthand in the quality of my translations. c:

25 thoughts on “3/18 Update

  1. Please don’t take offense to what I’m about to say, it is only meant as advice.

    But I think you should seriously contemplate focusing on one story rather than two. The pace of translation is glacial and that leads to dissatisfaction amongst the fans of either series. Volume 9 was released back in September and we’re only at chapter 6 right now. I think you’d be better off choosing one series as your “main” series and making sure that the translation for that series is up to date (much like what Sousetsuka is doing). Then when the main series is caught up you’re free to pursue your secondary series. If we’re assuming that Youkoso is you primary series and Instant Death is your secondary series it will probably end up with you working 3 months on each series at a time.

    I don’t think anyone is expecting the translation speed of Wuxiaworld, but it feels kinda bad to get one update a week with two tiny chapters.

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    • Hey mate, I get what you’re getting at. I’d like to elaborate a few things. I’m a full-time college student closing in on my last year of college. My schedule is really packed as it is, so I can promise an increased translation speed after summer begins. My speed is really just gated by what I have going on and my current motivation level.

      Unfortunately, if I was to go along with your suggestion, I would fairly easily pick Instant Death before Youkoso. When it comes down to personal preference between the series, I simply like Instant Death more. I give Youkoso the attention I do because I want to see it through. I already give it dramatically more attention than Instant Death.

      I have considered doing the strategy that you’re suggesting here a few times, but Youkoso has an entire 10th volume that is untranslated, along with an 11th volume coming out relatively soon. Should I focus entirely on Youkoso, I don’t think that I’d get the chance to translate Instant Death for quite a long span of time, and I’m not sure that I’m interested in doing that. There are readers who are here for that series, and I picked that series up in the first place to work with harder Japanese.

      I hope this makes sense, and I assure you that I didn’t take any offense to it. Thank you for reading my translations. c:

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      • It would be a shame to lose you as the translator of Youkoso, since it is great to have high quality translations for it. Nonetheless, I stand by what I said even if it means you’ll be focusing primarily on Instant Death.

        Anyway, thanks for the insight and good luck finishing up your education, god knows that these final years can be tough.

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      • First of all, i really want to say thank you for all the hard work and for helping translate for us people that cant read japanese, youkoso is a great story and its really interesting and captivating to read. I know you have 2 different stories to translate but i want to ask if its possible to translate one volume and then switching to the other book and translating another volume? Volumes are like a break in the story so its fine to leave off on it for a long while, but for it to break off in a chapter without knowing the details can be disturbing. Its like a suspense story where you have the beginning and the ending but you dont even know what happened in the middle or how it got to the conclusions haha. Wells you’re translator, so whatever you decide that is easier for you, i just wanted to express my opinion because it kinda of leaves a bad taste if something is left incomplete without anyone able to complete it. Just a thought, thanks! Your translation is great btw!

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      • I still fully intend on translating the rest of the Youkoso series. Part of me needs a break from it, while the other part of me simply wants to know what’s going to happen from here in Instant Death. Going based on numbers of site hits, I have about as many people looking for updates for both of these two series, so I feel like I should go at it a bit in a bit more balanced of a manner. Translating the same series for ages is exhausting. Nonetheless, I should be able to get two chapters of ID completed in a week, and then proceed to get back to work with Youkoso.

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  2. Спасибо большое за твои переводы, очень приятно учить английский язык с тобой


  3. sorry for the question
    but can’t you talk with confusing translation ?
    they have recently dropped the 9 to start the 10 (as they had already said)
    if you finish the 9 and let them do 10 then you can go on with instant death
    anyway thanks for the translation


    • ok sorry i said an idiocy
      i mean to ask onehallyu to do the 10th since they said (if i am not wrong) that they will start the 10th once they get it
      (lol i mistook the translation of the 10th that you made thinking it was their ……>->)


  4. In my opinion, I think you should focus on translating Youkoso first, then translate ID in-between the release of new Youkoso volumes, focusing in one series at time. It’s more time efficient if you do that, otherwise you i’ll try to translate both at the same time and finish none, keeping readers of both series waiting for more time than they could be.


  5. The real issue with Instant Death is the abismal translation job from the previous ‘translator’ (Sad Hoovy). It’s unreadable gibberish. So it will end being like Youkoso, with a gap in the translation, unless you are so kind as to translate, for real, from v1c34 to v3. Oh, and I’m also waiting for v2 of Youkoso and the return of Gamers!… Maybe I’m being just a little bit unreasonable, but it doesn’t hurt to ask, right?


    • I will never translate Gamers. I hated the anime and it’s absolutely not my type of series. I also think the translation of v1c34 through the end of v3 was improved when the translator went and updated it. It’s not optimal, but it’s definitely readable. V2 of youkoso will probably never come from me as well. The official version of the volume will come out in a few months, and at that point I don’t think there’s any reason for me to translate the volume any longer.


    • That being said, I am considering editing the V1C34 through v3 chapters someday. I’ll probably look into it after I translate V9 of Youkoso.


    • I’ve already finished the two ID chapters and I’m starting Youkoso again now. I suppose I’ll make an update over it.


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