Youkoso V10C6 Part 1

Classroom of the Elite Volume 10 Chapter 6 Part 1

TL: Graze/Liam
ED: EC/Cata/PuffyPyjamas/Reg

That night, Ibuki visited Ryūen’s dorm room without any prior notice.

The dry sound of her fist knocking on his door quietly reverberated through the chilly hallway.

After waiting for a bit, the door opened.


“…W-what the hell are you doing!?”

His chest bare, Ryūen had come to the door wearing nothing but his boxers.

“If I told you I was doing something vulgar, would you bug off?”

“I’d kick you in the nuts and go back to my room without looking back.”

“Kuku. I just got out of the bath, come in.”

It seemed as though he was telling the truth, as his hair was indeed still wet.

Although she was still wary of Ryūen’s teasing, Ibuki stepped into his room.

It was the first time she had done so ever since enrollment.

Contrary to her expectations, the room was decked out with various accessories, giving it a completely different impression than ‘his’ room.

“You’re not here because you wanted to sleep with me before I get expelled, are you?”

Ibuki had no intention of drawing this out by getting caught up in his teasing, instead choosing to just get straight to the point.

“Your private points. Hand them over.”

“Oh? Aren’t you the one who rejected them in the first place?”

While drying his hair with a bath towel, Ryūen took a plastic water bottle out of the fridge.

Though, rather than offer it to Ibuki, he popped off the cap and took a drink for himself.

“There’s already nothing you can do to survive the exam. In other words, the points are going to be wasted right along with you.”

“I suppose. As it is now, if I’m expelled, they’d all disappear.”

The secret contract he had made with Class A would be terminated, leaving Class D with the short end of the stick.

“So give them to me while you still can.”

“Well aren’t you shameless.”

“It’s what you really want, isn’t it? It wouldn’t have been beneath you to go and waste them all if you really didn’t want to hand them over, but it doesn’t seem to me like you’ve done that. It’s like you’ve been telling us to come and pick them up.”

Ryūen had been quietly keeping to himself over the past several days.

It was obvious that he had used, at most, only a couple thousand points.

“Kuku, well aren’t you the smart one. Whatever, take em. They’re useless to me anyway.”

Ryūen let show a smile as he stood before Ibuki.

He then picked up his cell phone and started tapping on the screen.

It only took a moment. Everything Ryūen owned was transferred to Ibuki’s mobile phone.

“It went through. You’ve served your purpose with this, Ryūen.”

Ibuki attempted to put away her phone away as she spoke, but Ryūen reached out and grabbed her by the arm.

With that, he shoved her against the wall.

“Hey! What are you doing!?”

Ibuki immediately let out a kick, but Ryūen catches it with one hand, stopping it easily.

“I don’t dislike that aggressive personality of yours, you know.”


Ibuki reacted with glaring hostility, unsure about what he was going to do, but Ryūen just smirked and let go of her leg.

It was Ryūen’s way of offering her one final farewell.

“You’re strong, but if you ask me, you’ve got plenty of weak points. You can’t beat Suzune like that.”

“Mind your own business.”

“Goodbye Ibuki.”

Ryūen turned away, appearing to have already lost interest in the conversation.

He then walked over to the front door to show her the way out.

There was a momentary silence as she put on her shoes.

“Are you satisfied with your time here, at this school?”

Ibuki asked, quietly breaking the silence with her back turned to him.



The answer was obvious just from looking at him.

Ryūen wasn’t satisfied at all.

As a matter of fact, he was going to quietly leave the school without ever being able to gain that satisfaction.

Ibuki stood up, the cold air from the hallway flowing in as she opened the door.

“Goodbye then.”

With these parting words, Ibuki left, closing the door behind her.

There was nobody else but her in the hallway this late at night.

A huge sum of private points was displayed on the screen of her cell phone.

She felt nothing but emptiness as she switched to another screen.

Ibuki made a phone call as she walked down the hallway.

She didn’t care if the person on the other end was asleep.

If it went to voicemail, she intended to cut the call.

However, they picked up before the tone played twice.

“It’s me. I’ve gotten all of Ryūen’s private points.”

She had finished her task, having reported to the person she needed to report to.

From the other end of the phone, ‘he’ responded, stating that he wanted to meet up in person.

“That’s fine, but…”

She trailed off as she thought about how she was already out and about.

After a short pause, Ibuki agreed to his request, resolving herself to head to ‘his’ room.

TL Notes:

This part was great! I loved this! It was tons of fun, and I really really like Ryūen. Just a wonderful part that was super fun to translate.

The next part is expected on Wednesday, so that means it will probably be out on Thursday. I have a ton of shit to do today so it will be delayed until at least then.

Thanks for reading and all your supportive comments on the last part. I appreciate it.

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27 thoughts on “Youkoso V10C6 Part 1

  1. Man i really love your translations. I just never want them to end. Thank you sooo much for your hard work. I know that personal life comes first but I don’t want you to stop translating this series. I know it’s selfish but I….

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  2. Thanks for the release.

    I too enjoy Ryuuen’s antics and if he’s really getting the boot that would suck but it seems they’re doing something about that issue so that’s good.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Thanks a lot!
    Probably it’s not a right place to ask but …
    I’m currently on chapter 3. There’s a part about Ryuen.
    “Class A most likely wanted to see him expelled, even if it meant giving up a chance to get rid of the binding contract he had made with Katsuragi.”
    I don’t really get the idea probably cause haven’t read vol 2-3. I mean: Ryuen expelled –> contract for class A disappears, right? No Ryuen – no payment. Then what does “giving up a chance to get rid of” mean in this case? 🙄


    • Your assumption that the contract disappearing when Ryuuen is expelled is a flawed one. Ryuuen can change the person the points go to.


      • I don’t think Ryūen would’ve included such a clause that early into school. After all, he was the king of his class. And, if it wasn’t allowed in the contract, Class-A wouldn’t accept it either. That’s how it seems to work in this novel. Since there’s an implication that the school can pass judgement on these kinds of personal dealings.

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    • Sakayanagi’s faction simply wants Ryuen to stay because he will drain Katsuragi’s faction Private Point just by being there (due to the contract).

      So, losing him means….

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  4. Thanks for the translation !!! I just hope u can keep this novel going on at the pace that u can… Its insane that we can have this kind of amazing novel translated by someone who really cares about the quality! Thanks Grazed 😁😁

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  5. Thanks for the fast translations as always, I would like to keep reading this translations, but, since now we have a licensed version that is advancing pretty fast, will you keep translating this series?

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  6. Thanks as always!!!
    About youkoso – yes, most moments there are a little bit boring becausd dialogs, stories and bla-bla. But I think that because of many boring stuff action scenes are more interesting (because of their shortage). And another plus – I do not know many other novels where so many second-plan heroes had so big stories. Here you read and believe, that these situations took a part in real life (but again – it is only my opinion).

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