Youkoso V10C6 Part 2

Classroom of the Elite Volume 10 Chapter 6 Part 2

TL: Graze/Reg/Liam
ED: EC/Cata/PuffyPyjamas

On Friday, the day before the supplemental exam, the students of Class B stayed behind after school as well.

The entire class was present.

The one standing behind the teaching podium was not the homeroom teacher, Hoshinomiya, but the leader of the class, Ichinose Honami.

“Everyone, thank you for everything you’ve done this past week. I’m grateful that you all went along with my selfish request.”

After the supplemental exam was first announced, Ichinose had made a request of her classmates:

『I ask that you all continue to get along with one another until after school, the day before the exam.』

It was her one request, one made without any explanation.

She hadn’t gone into any further details about the strategy for the upcoming exam.

Straining the relationship between her classmates wouldn’t do anyone any good.

After all, the fact that somebody would be expelled during this exam was absolutely unavoidable.

Even though the students of Class B naturally felt a bit uneasy about it, they still faithfully honored Ichinose’s request.

They trusted in Ichinose’s words, because they had come to understand over the course of the year that she spoke for the sake of Class B as a whole.

The class’s homeroom teacher, Hoshinomiya, was slightly uneasy as she listened to Ichinose speak. As one of the teachers who felt that this special exam was unreasonable, she felt guilty about the hardship Class B had to endure. The class was strong and dazzling because they had been able to unite together as one without anyone being expelled. She was worried that, if somebody were to be expelled at this point, it might cast a shadow over the rest of the class.

“I imagine everyone is quite worried, but I’d like you all to feel at ease. I won’t let a single one of us be expelled.”

While Ichinose spoke, traces of anxiety and suspense were held within the gazes of her classmates.

She had given the class good news, but at the same time, she had also roused their suspicions.

“Are you sure, Ichinose? Saying that so confidently…”

Kanzaki expressed his concern. Given the situation, if she was lying just to make everyone feel better, it was probably for the best to stop her now.

“It’s okay, Ichinose. We’re prepared for what we have to do.”

Shibata spoke up as well. Even if Ichinose didn’t have a plan, he wasn’t going to hold it against her.

However, Ichinose spoke once again, reaffirming her certainty.

“It’s fine. Kanzaki-kun, you once told me that if somebody has the power to change things, they’re nothing more than a fool if they don’t make use of it, right? That’s why I’ve been reflecting on what I could do for all of you.”

She was confident that none of her classmates would have to be expelled.

“…Then let’s hear it. How are you going to prevent the expulsion?”

If she couldn’t provide any proof, she might as well have been deluding herself.

“There’s only one way to ensure that everyone survives this provisional exam, right?”

“Yeah, we’d have to use twenty million points to override the expulsion.”

“That’s why I’d like to ask everybody to entrust me with all your private points. You won’t have any spending points until April, but this way, everyone can be saved.”

“But, if I’m remembering correctly, we don’t have enough to reach twenty million, right?”

Shibata questioned, looking around at his classmates, his eyes seeking confirmation.

They had already discussed it several times over, but at the end of the day, you can’t spend what you don’t have.

They were still a few million points short, a disparity that was simply too large to overcome.

“So what? Honami-chan’s the one asking for them, so just hand them over.”

One of the girls spoke up, dismissing Shibata’s hesitation.

Without even bothering with the details, the girls immediately began to transfer their points to Ichinose.

The class routinely transferred a percentage of their points to her every month, so they had all already gotten used to doing it.

“Well, I guess you’re right.”

Shibata agreed and pulled out his cell phone.

Faithfully trusted by her classmates, every single private point Class B held was transferred to Ichinose in no time at all.

The total on the screen of her phone was just shy of sixteen million points.

“Yup, just as calculated, we’re roughly four million points short.”

“Now how are you going to make up for the rest? I can’t imagine that anyone from any of the other classes would be willing to give us so many, not even the upperclassmen.”

Even though he had already sent over his own points, Kanzaki once again pressed Ichinose for an answer.

When Nagumo presented Ichinose with the offer to borrow private points, she had promised not to say anything about the deal to others.

However, now that it had come down to this, she couldn’t simply keep it a secret from her friends.

That was why, the day before, she had gotten permission from Nagumo to reveal everything, with the slight exception of the details about dating.

“From student council president Nagumo. When I brought our situation up with him, he told me he’d be willing to supply the rest.”

“The student council president? Can he even come up with that many points?”

“Yes. In fact, he even showed me how many he has.”

Though, there was no way to be certain until Ichinose actually received them.

“Of course, we’ll have to pay him back afterward.”

“What are the details of the repayment plan? Does the president plan on charging us interest?”

“Would the answer to those questions affect what we have to do?”

“No, not at all. Even if the interest rate is unreasonably high, I don’t think anything can replace one of our comrades.”

Kanzaki agreed with Ichinose without batting an eye.

However, he judged that it was still important to understand the details of the transaction first.

He took it upon himself to ask the questions the rest of the class wouldn’t, and Ichinose was incredibly thankful for that.

To her, he was a cherished partner who spoke up on behalf of the class’s feelings.

“Our repayment period is three months, and there’s no interest.”

“Is it really okay for him to not charge anything…?”

In this difficult situation, it wouldn’t be unusual for the other party to demand at least some interest.

The fact that president Nagumo was lending them points without any made him seem like Class B’s savior.

“Because of this, I feel like I’ll be inconveniencing everyone for a little while… Is that alright?”

“Amazing… As expected of Ichinose-san! You absolutely have my full support!”

None of her classmates showed any signs of dissatisfaction.

For their sake, she definitely wouldn’t let someone be expelled.

That was Ichinose Honami’s resolve to protect her friends.

TL Notes:

I got distracted honestly. I’ll try to have Part 3 up soon. Thanks for reading.

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21 thoughts on “Youkoso V10C6 Part 2

  1. Ichinose is really nice… We got how Class B, Class D are going to survive this exam. I am looking forward on how Class A and Class C.are going to solve… Thanks for the translation!


    • Guess who will be the one to get most praise votes in Class C?
      That was so amazing! Looking forward to that part when Graze translates it!

      Remember HIRATA is still most girls dream boy. (Its not a spoiler)


  2. “Kanzaki-kun, you once told me that if somebody has the power to change things, they’re nothing more than a fool if they don’t make use of it, right?”

    Isn’t that also what MC’s father told him in the past (Vol 1; MC monologue). What if….

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    • Even if that happened the school would give her a penalty or expel her. It was mentioned in a previous chapter that some senior did exactly that and got expelled (or punished, idk).

      Liked by 1 person

      • I mean she won’t be expelled because it didn’t break the rule. Example: Miyabi Nagumo. He is initially comes from Class-B but ditched his B-Class friend just to raise into A-Class alone.


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