Youkoso V10C6 Part 8

Classroom of the Elite Volume 10 Chapter 6 Part 8

TL: Graze/Reg
ED: EC/PuffyPyjamas

It was Friday evening, the day before the exam, and Sakayanagi had gone to the Karaoke parlor to make preparations for it.

“What’s the situation?”

Kamuro and Hashimoto were present, along with Kitō, for a total of four people.

“It seems that everything was exposed today. Apparently, Horikita-san caught wind of the plan and exposed the fact that I was collaborating with Yamauchi-kun to the rest of their class. I wonder how the information got leaked?”

Sakayanagi leisurely carried a french fry into her mouth.

She intently looked upon her classmates before one of them finally spoke up.

“Sakayanagi, the leak came from Karuizawa. Like I told you before, if you wanted to make sure Ayanokōji got expelled, it would’ve been better to avoid pulling Karuizawa into Yamauchi’s group.”

Hashimoto Masayoshi. He was one of Sakayanagi’s closest associates, and he was someone who had previously taken notice of Ayanokōji all on his own.

Throughout the course of his investigations, he had seen Ayanokōji meet with Karuizawa in secret, so he had previously provided input on what she should do this time.

Even though Sakayanagi had agreed to refrain from pulling Karuizawa into the group at first, she had changed her mind yesterday.

As a consequence, her plan had been exposed to the students of Class D.

“Didn’t I tell you that our first priority was to make sure that Ayanokōji didn’t realize he was being targeted until the exam was already over?”

“Yes. I definitely kept your words in mind. It’s true that Ayanokōji-kun and Karuizawa-san may indeed share an unusual relationship. That is to say, if she was let in on the plan, there was a high chance Ayanokōji-kun would hear of it as well.”

This was the very reason why Sakayanagi had decided to postpone pulling Karuizawa into Yamauchi’s group.

She had let Tuesday and Wednesday pass by, purposefully choosing to pull her into the group on Thursday.

Then, she stepped back and waited to see what would happen next. Based on what had taken place today, it was quite likely that she had leaked the information to Ayanokōji.

“You messed up, didn’t you, Sakayanagi?”

The one who had asked this was none other than Kamuro, who had been silently listening to the conversation.

Hashimoto spoke up too, offering an analysis on why Sakayanagi had made such a simple mistake.

“Karuizawa is one of the most influential girls in her class. If we had managed to pull her into the group, it would’ve pretty much guaranteed Ayanokōji’s expulsion. Forget twenty votes, it’s possible we’d have gotten around thirty. You let the greed get to you.”

“I was well aware they’d carry out a class trial. It was just a matter of time.”

“But, if things hadn’t come to light, Yamauchi might’ve had a way out too.”

Having heard each of their opinions, Sakayanagi couldn’t help but feel amused.

“Should it know that it’s become someone’s prey, even a herbivore will try to fight for it’s life if it comes down to it. But, I find that’s exactly what makes it so interesting. Don’t you want to see what he’ll do in this time he has left? How he’ll struggle to stay afloat?”

“You deliberately let Karuizawa leak the information because of that?”

“I was also able to confirm that your information about Karuizawa and Ayanokōji was accurate.”

“But Ayanokouji went to Horikita about it, who then revealed everything to the rest of the class. It made it hard to tell what’ll happen next. Considering that Yamauchi won’t be expelled because of our praise votes, there’s still no way Ayanokōji’ll be expelled anymore. I have no idea who’s gonna be expelled at this point.”

When Hashimoto finished, Kamuro spoke up as well.

“Wasn’t it also a mistake to make contracts with the ones who agreed to vote for Ayanokōji without getting anything in writing? How many people are still gonna vote for him after what happened today…?”

There’d be a dramatic decrease in the number of censure votes Ayanokōji would be getting, while the number for Yamauchi would only go up.

However, Yamauchi would be getting 20 votes from Class A to escape this predicament.

In which case, it’d be hard to guess who’d end up with the most votes against them.

Having heard Hashimoto and Kamuro’s analysis of the situation, Sakayanagi grinned.

To Sakayanagi, the outcome of all of this was obvious.

Kamuro, Hashimoto, and Yamauchi simply couldn’t see it yet.

She was reminded of the reason why she had done this in the first place.

Sakayanagi pulled out her cell phone and turned off the power.

After all, she’d receive an incessant, endless number of calls and messages from Yamauchi if she kept it on.

Class A had a lot of praise votes to use during this exam.

Yamauchi probably couldn’t help but feel worried about whether or not they were really going to use them on him.

“It seems there’s something I had forgotten to tell everybody, a very important story concerning Yamauchi-kun.”

With that, Sakayanagi began to tell them about the encounter that she had oh so carelessly forgotten to mention.

TL Notes:

This is the last part of Chapter 6. There is an epilogue, and it is quite long. I’ll get started on it soon, but I will be doing a chapter or two of Instant Death first. Thanksgiving break is upon me next week, so I’ll have free time. Look forward to it.

(ID was picked up by another group so Thanksgiving break was wasted kinda. Oh well.)

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  1. Never liked Yamauichi lolz

    Thanks for your translations as always.Ill make sure to keep spreading your amazing work.Hopefully others will be just excited as I am! 😀

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  2. Well, Sakayanagi did say the she want to take revenge… So, she planned for the plan to fail from start, huh? Thanks for the chapter!

    By the way, according to picture leaks, in kono light novel ga sugoi ranking, Ayanokoji and Karuizawa get first place in both male and female! Well, we have to wait until the real release to know if that’s true or not…

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  3. Can we expect to get the epilogue translated before this month end, or at least next 2 or 3 weeks?
    You said “I will be doing a chapter or two of Instant Death first”. how much gonna take you to do so?
    Are you gonna work on Youkoso Jitsuryoku and Instant Death at the same time or finish chapter or two of Instant Death first before start in the epilogue of Youkoso Jitsuryoku?


    • The epilogue is large so there’s no way it will be done by the end of this month. Even if I dedicated all my free time to it there still wouldn’t be a chance of it being done that fast.

      I will be putting Youkoso aside for a bit as I translate Instant Death. I don’t have any reason to slow down everything by focusing on two projects at the same time.

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      • Take your time, even if you release one part a month I’ll be happy. As long as translations aren’t dropped for this novel, I’ll be satisfied even if it’s every two months. Maybe I’m the only one but I always re-read the parts of this novel I love every time there’s a new update. Keep it up! Thanks ~

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    • Been waiting for the translation for so long. Not blaming u…ik it’s stressful and u r doing a great job. But I just wanted to ask when will the next chapter release?
      I think u r taking a lot of time as compared to before. R u okay? I hope u r doing good


      • I’m in dead week in college right now. I’m really really busy. I have no ETA for the next part. It will come when I can.


  4. I just want to ask will you be translating volume 11 or not?? I read your instant death translations (they were awesome btw) and you said that you liked translating instant death and will give it full time as soon as you get rid of yokoso!
    I like both instant death and yokoso, so anything works for me but I just wanna ask.


    • I’m still interested in seeing whether Kushida will become a pawn or be thrown away. That is, if Kiyotaka actually plans to take things seriously. Since Kushida is mostly focused on expelling Suzune, as long as she doesn’t try to take out our MC, I see no reason for him to deal with her.

      All our mc wants is a peaceful school life with Kei ~

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  5. I wonder who that ‘He’ was that ibuki mentioned?
    What is she gonna do with those points?
    I hope it’s not ayanokoji who will take those points in exchange for not having Ryurn expelled.
    And will he use those points to save ichinose?
    And ask class B to cast praise vote for ryuen?
    Either way
    I am so looking forward to this.😁

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  6. “Should it know that it’s become someone’s prey, even a herbivore will try to fight for it’s life if it comes down to it.”
    Grammar error, “it’s life” should be “its life.”


  7. Been waiting for the translation for so long. Not blaming u…ik it’s stressful and u r doing a great job. But I just wanted to ask when will the next chapter release?
    I think u r taking a lot of time as compared to before. R u okay? I hope u r doing good


  8. Ive been wondering this since the earlier voulmes, Yamauichi is a pathological liar, right? I mean even in the first episode of the anime he claimed to do baseball or something in some kinda league and got “injured”. He has also had a few obvious lies throughout the novels, especially the earlier ones. Do none of the characters notice or do they just not care?


    • Isn’t it less that he’s lying and more that he’s just meaninglessly bragging? It’s pretty clear everyone else knows he’s just full of it so they don’t pay it any attention.


      • I am probably wrong but I vividly remember Ike being shocked by something he was lying about. Then again he could have been “suprised” in a sarcastic and belittling way. Or none of this happened and im just really tired.


      • How much did it take from you to learn Japanese where you can read light novels and understand it at least 80% ? a year maybe?
        I’m currently trying to learn it. thanks!


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