Gamers! v2c4

Finally finished this chapter! Longest one yet, at just over 8500.

Here’s the chapter, enjoy!

Other releases might be pushed back a day this week due to testing. Don’t expect much out of me anytime soon 😦

7 thoughts on “Gamers! v2c4

  1. Ah This is how novels should be. No matter how fantastical the elements, how stereotyped all these chuunibyou like terms and personalities are, or how emotionally moving or exciting the tragic or amazing plots are.

    When it comes down to it the characters themselves are the driving force behind a story. More than some groundbreaking concept the characters ability to perceive the world around them as somewhere they can grow in and maybe fall in love with is truly the essence of stories.

    For a character to take the time to understand that every aspect of their life is worth the time taken to live it. Maybe that’s the secret to enjoying real life too?


  2. Ehhh, so Amano’s story is just Misumi’s slice of life spinoff? Also,… WHAT THE F*CK KIND OF LIFE DO YOU HAVE MISUMI?!!!!


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