Youkoso V9C6 Part 7

Classroom of the Elite Volume 9 Chapter 6 Part 7

TL: Graze
ED: Graze
PR: Graze and Catalystic

That night, I made a phone call to Horikita Manabu.

“It’s rather unusual for you to contact me.”

“There’s one thing I wanted to ask you.”

“And what is that?”

I filled him in on what I had noticed after looking at the ID cards of two particular students.

“You sure… you aren’t misunderstanding something there, right?”

He answered back in surprise, as if it was the first time he had heard about it.

“Based on the way you phrased that, the student council… No… Does that mean this has never happened before?”

“Exactly. That is, as long as it’s not a simple mistake.”

Of course, the possibility of it being a mistake couldn’t be ruled out completely.

At the same time, it wasn’t the type of mistake that would just casually happen.

“Of course, the school is also gradually changing and evolving every year, so this phenomenon that you’ve noticed is bound to hold at least some meaning. As the first person to notice it, you might just find the knowledge useful in the future.”

Even if that future came, if at all possible, I was hoping to have already ended everything without having to put it to use.

“It’s highly likely that you first-years will have to finish one more special exam this school year.”

The first-years will? Which is to say that the situation is different for students in the other grades?

“At least, that has been the case for all the years so far. While nothing is certain moving forward, if I base my guess on how it’s worked in the past, the third-years should have at least two more special exams left to take.”

“For you, that’s quite the disaster.”

If Nagumo were to utilize his influence over all of the second-years and provide assistance to the third-year Class-B students, the elder Horikita may not be in a very safe position.

“It’s certainly a risky, unpredictable situation, but it’s nothing you need to be worrying yourself about.”

As expected of the former student council president, the elder Horikita didn’t seem to feel as though he was in a particularly desperate situation. He had the ability and potential to overcome his current situation and fight on. That was the extent of the confidence that I felt from him.

Said confidence, however, was limited to Horikita Manabu alone.

After all, Nagumo would focus his attacks on weak points that would be easy to exploit, just like how he had targeted Tachibana Akane during the training camp.

“Instead of worrying about me, you should be worrying about the first-years as a whole.”

“If the student council were to provide Nagumo backup, they’d be able to cover up his actions to some degree, right?”

“Ah, that is possible. Of course, if they go too far, the student council may breach the trust of the school and be forcibly disbanded. Though, it is Nagumo we’re talking about. He should be able to cover it up properly. Did you run into any problems regarding Kushida?”

“If you’re asking about that, it’s been taken care of.”

“It seems as though they’re doing something behind the scenes regarding the whole ordeal with Ichinose.”

“I’ll contact you again.”

After I had gotten the information I needed, I cut the call.

TL Notes:

Here’s this part. It’s really short, I’m sorry, but Part 8 is absolutely massive. It’s longer than Part 6 by a good margin, and it will take me a good chunk of time to work my way through all of it. I may consider splitting it into two parts, but we’ll have to see. I’ll have it posted when I can considering I have a lot of tests and such coming up.

This part is intended to be vague. If you haven’t read ahead, a lot of the stuff being discussed probably won’t make sense. I assure you this is what the raw has though, so don’t look at me funny.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you all whenever I manage to finish the 8th part. The sheer size of it is disheartening haha.

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29 thoughts on “Youkoso V9C6 Part 7

    • btw in the end “It seems as though they’re doing something” isn’t it ‘you’re’ instead of ‘they’re’ wasn’t manabu talking about ayanon ?


      • No he is not talking about Ayanon. He’s talking about something else there. I went and consulted with friends here on this. The raw is vague, but the topic when that line is said is still ‘Kushida’s matter’ so that’s what’s being referred to there.


      • The raw is 「今回の一之瀬潰しの一件、裏で何か動いているようだな」

        The topic was last stated to be 櫛田の件’は in Manabu’s line, and it hadn’t changed since then. The 動いているよう means that the ‘they’ is referring to Nagumo and Kushida and not Kiyotaka.


  1. thanks for the release.

    I’m fine with waiting a bit longer for a 1 release for part 8, rather than split in half and have a cliffhanger reading the part.


  2. Thanks for the chapter! Take your time on part 8, I appreciate the quality of your work and understand it can’t be done instantly.


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