Youkoso V9C3 Part 2

Classroom of the Elite Volume 9 Chapter 3 Part 2

TL: Graze

“Thank you for today, Ayanokouji-kun.”

“No, I’m the one who should be saying thank you for letting me hear what you had to say about China.”

“Ah. I-I see. Right.”

I unintentionally thanked her in response, prompting Mii-chan to shyly scratch at her cheek with her finger.

“I’ll head up after taking a look at my mailbox.”

I parted ways with Mii-chan and Hiyori as they headed to the elevator.

I get around to checking my mailbox one or two times a week.

Of course, other students also check theirs at a similar frequency.

Most of the stuff that comes in the mail was from the school. However, there are students who used the mail to exchange packages with each other or have things delivered by shopping online.

Though, I wasn’t checking for any ordinary reason like that.

“Nothing today either, huh?”

I started regularly checking my mail ever since my father visited this school.

After all, it wouldn’t be strange if he tried to get in contact with me soon.

As there was nothing particularly special in my mailbox, I headed back over to the elevator, only to find that Hiyori had chosen to wait up for me.

“Do you have a moment?”


We moved to the lobby’s sofa just in front of the elevator.

“I had wanted to ask you about something earlier, but hesitated because we were in front of Mii-chan…”

Being a little bit mindful of her surroundings, Hiyori did a sweep of the area before speaking up.

“That thing going on right now with Ichinose-san, have you heard anything about it?”

“Heard anything? If you’re talking about those strange rumors, then I guess I know the rough details.”

“Yeah, those. Do you know who’s spreading them around?”

“No… I don’t know.”

It would have been easy to name Sakayanagi or Hashimoto, but I decided against it.

“Honestly, I don’t want to see Ichinose-san tortured like this anymore. She’s the type of person who’s even willing to be friendly to somebody with barely any friends, like me.”

If I’m remembering things correctly, Hiyori and Ichinose were in the same group during the training camp. I guess that after eating the same food and sleeping in the same room as one another, she would feel a stronger bond with her than she would with other students.


There was some kind of hidden determination in Hiyori’s eyes.

“When I first came here, I didn’t like this behavior that the school encourages, where we hurt others. But now, I think it’s necessary to fight from time to time in order to protect your friends.”

“That’s true. After all, there’s no way to be able to save everyone.”

“Even though we’re mutual enemies with Ichinose-san, there must be something we can do to help her. I haven’t been able to think of how yet, but… would you be willing to cooperate with me?”

“Cooperate, huh? If that’s the case, then you should consult Horikita.”

As I said so, I considered introducing them to each other.

“Horikita-san, is it?”

However, Hiyori’s expression didn’t lighten up.

“It’s possible that Class C might also be willing to help Ichinose.”

In which case, it’s possible that it might then turn into a situation where all 3 classes are willing to go up against Class A.

However, Hiyori still didn’t show any signs that she was happy with this.

“Aren’t you able to do something about it yourself, Ayanokouji-kun?”

“I don’t have any influence over Class C at all.”

“Is that right?”

She tilted her head to the side questioningly.

“For the girls there’s Horikita, and for the boys there’s Hirata. You’ll have no choice but to go to one of them about it.”

“I see…”

Hiyori’s shoulders dropped as her expression changed to one of disappointment.


“No… just, I’ve never really gotten to know Horikita-san or Hirata-kun… But if it was Ayanokouji-kun, I thought…”

Her shoulders dropped even further as she grew silent. It wasn’t the reaction I had been expecting.

“I’m sorry. I can’t do what I can’t do.”

“No… After all, I was only thinking as convenient for me, and spoke without considering things for you.”

After saying so, she bowed her head.

“For the time being, would you like me to start the conversation with them for you?”

“Really? You would do that for me?”

Despite asking me that, Hiyori then changed her mind.

“I’m sorry, let’s do it at another time. If our conversation helps spread things any further, we may end up troubling Ichinose by just that much more.”

“Yeah. That may be true.”

Those guys waging war against Ichinose… As things stand now, I don’t know what move they’ll make next.

Tactlessly stimulating the situation without knowing anything would be counterproductive. There’s also the concern that Ichinose’s rumors are closer to the truth than they appear.


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