Youkoso V15 (Y2V4) Prologue

Classroom of the Elite Volume 15 Prologue

Prologue: The Monologue of Amasawa Ichika

TL: Graze/Regular Days
ED: RoTiPs

Test-tube babies. Have you ever heard the term before?

Apparently, they’re no longer called that nowadays. Rather, society has taken to using the term ‘IVF babies’ instead.

I am one of those born from that very process. A human brought about through in vitro fertilization.

However, I don’t know anything about my origins outside of that. I’ve never even seen my parents’ faces.

Where they are now… What they’re doing… Why they put me in the White Room… Nothing.

But, to be completely honest, I’m not really that interested in finding out.

There’s one thing I learned when I was finally old enough to understand the world around me:

That my parents were both extremely talented people.

As such, I must be an incredibly blessed child born with the qualifications to become a genius then, right?

Though, as right as that may be, my existence runs in direct conflict with that of the White Room.

A facility whose ultimate goal is to raise all people unto equivalent superiority.

A facility where they seek to prove that the limits of humanity are decided not by one’s genetics, but by their environment.

In other words, they want all people to harbor outstanding talent, not just those blessed with excellent genes like me.

In the end, for the White Room, I’m surely just another experiment.

And while I’m not really all that opposed to being an experiment, I find myself wondering if they really think they’ll succeed.

I personally concluded long ago that it’s impossible to homogenize intellect, personality, and ethics.

In fact, doesn’t my very existence serve as the greatest proof of that?

Ever since I was a child, I’ve been proud of being different from those around me, though I never showed it. I’d kill off the light in my eyes and indifferently pretend to go through the motions, all the while questioning the significance of the White Room’s existence.

Do I truly want to grow up dedicating my life to furthering the ideals of the White Room?

Am I really willing to put my life on the line, toiling day after day, desperate to become the world’s utmost example of a successful upbringing?

Wouldn’t that be like, you know, kinda pathetic? Wouldn’t you want to live more freely?

I would. At least, I’d hate to spend the rest of my life locked up in such a world.

Oops, it seems I’ve been rambling a bit. Let’s get back to the matter at hand, shall we?

Ayanokōji Kiyotaka. The being whose preeminent success stood out from the rest of the White Room.

Of course, I was skeptical when I first heard of him.

After all, how could I possibly believe that, despite all my painstaking efforts, he had scored far higher than me in every way?

But… alas. After seeing the data, meeting him in person, talking to him… I finally understood.

Understood how special he truly was.

However, I’m sorry Senpai.

I really want to take your side, but that’s just not how fate is going to play out.

Because, there are those I’ve known for much, much longer than you, Senpai.

I’m way more compassionate than I thought I was… Who wouldda guessed?

As one of your faithful admirers, I’ll be looking on from a distance once ‘that time’ finally comes.

TL Notes:

Here’s the prologue for you all. Chapter 1 is an introduction and a part 1, and they are both huge. Like super giga huge. Expect the translation to take a while. Hopefully I get the introduction done by the end of the weekend. We will have to wait and see.

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60 thoughts on “Youkoso V15 (Y2V4) Prologue

  1. I think there are 2 WR students as this prologue and Y2V2 one are different . In Y2V2 , the WR student thought that if he was not the masterpiece of white room , his/her life would be meaningless and they hated kiyo but ichika clearly does not think so . I think she is maybe one of those people who apparently “worshiped” kiyo but i am not sure . If there are indeed 2 WR students , my bet is on yagami being the other one as someone told him of hosen’s plan and imo ichika is the prime suspect

    Thanks for the translation graze .

    Liked by 3 people

    • Though I am not 100% sure, in the Prologue of Y2V2, the WR student says he never talked to ayanokoji, but just watched him play chess. In this chapter, Ichika states that she talked to ayanokoji, so there must be 2 WR students

      Sorry for bad english


    • Some evidence to support the hypothesis that there are two WR students is that there have never been two monologues of the same person before and the difference in feeling that the WR student in the previous monologue had vs. Amasawa’s feelings towards Kiyotaka. The other WR hates Kiyotaka and Amasawa believes that Kiyotaka is a special person to her. Additionally, this monologue does not suggest that Amasawa hates him; she just seems to value her other friends more than she values Kiyotaka’s high school experience.

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      • Yeah there are multiple factors indicating that there are 2 WR students . I wonder if both WR students are from the same generation ? As we know from the monologue of Y2V2 , that student was the best in his generation and while there has been no direct confirmation that ichika was best in her generation , we can see that ichika was reluctant to believe that someone existed who she could not beat even after her painstaking efforts . Now hypothetically if she and the person in Y2V2 were different and they were from the same generation , she would not be so skeptical of kiyo’s existence cause there was a person who was better than her in front of her eyes if that makes sense . Also tsukishiro in v11.5 said that there were excellent people from “both gen 5 and gen 6” of the white room which could be another hint . Although this all is just a possibility as “those” that ichika speaks of in this part could be the wr students

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  2. take your time. Justice league movie and b the beginning season 2 come out tomorrow. Thats a good distraction. Definitely two white room students now. Not sure if Amasawa was the one who knocked out the two retired students, but we know nanase knew the person. I feel Amasawa could be on Kiyo’s side when stuff goes down, who knows.

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  3. I’m excited to know how things are going to turn out!!

    Thanks for your hard work!! May you have a good day, as you have given me and those who read your translation, a good one!!!

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  4. Thanks for translating graze!!
    Man I’m hype as hell for this volume, it’s gonna be epic.
    Also just wandering when do you guys think kiyos talent will be revealed to everyone if at all? My bets are on the finale of the second year. Also it’s crazy to think that we are on book 4(?) of the second year and this has been the only real major test

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  5. i´m really exicited to see whats ichika´s gonna do
    hope to see more badass moments of Kiyotaka

    Thanks for translating and take your time to bring the rest

    You´re amazing!

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  6. That was a surprise. No fanfare no build up just a straight up reveal of who the white room student is.

    I think the idea of multiple white room students looks more likely than ever.

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  7. Honestly, I am kind of disappointed with the last volume. It felt so rushed towards the end. It felt weird, janky and sort of lousy writing when Manase suddenly switched side to MC.

    I don’t say this as someone to hates this series, but as someone who has rather enjoyed it but man was that disappointing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, the author did write in the afterword that if it was possible, he wanted to write a 500-page volume 3. So, of course it’ll be rushed because a lot of things are happening on that island, a lot of people are doing a lot of things. And because the novel is supposed to give us a omniscient view of all these happenings, it’d take another three to four volumes if the author didn’t shrink the text here and there.

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  8. Honestly, I am surprised by this monologue. I felt that Ichika was made out to be with more intense feelings towards Kiyotaka(maybe like worshipping?) and this felt somewhat underwhelming. I trust the author and I would like to see in which direction is he going and would like to think that he would surprise me even more than I expect.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. The prologue and ch1 are already out, not quite at the level of your translations but still very readable. Would it not be a good idea then to start from ch2 and leave ch1 for last since it’s so long too?

    Thank you thank you for taking the time to translate this so well for everyone 🙂


    • I’d rather do my own translation of chapter 1. I mean botman captured the gist of the chapter in his TL, but he said it himself: It’s a rough translation. There are plenty of discrepancies so far and I’d like to get them righted sooner rather than later.


  10. I was not expecting to get V15 translations so soon, so this was a pleasant surprise. As usual, thanks for your hard work, cannot be easy to keep up providing such quality translations on a regular basis. Now, the big question, read the parts as they are released or wait and binge?

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    • Read my reply to “Sasha best girl,” I provided some direct evidence that supports the hypothesis that there are two WR students other than Kiyotaka.

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  11. Man this Volume is going to be EPIC !!!!!
    I am super hyped for this can’t wait for it to be completely translated .
    And good job guys for your work ,hope you continue with the good work

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  12. OMG, it was a big starting, can’t wait for the next chapter. Thanks very much Graze, I have no words for how grateful I am for your work. Thanks again, from a Brazil’s reader

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  13. I like the theme of inequality here; the author continually shows us that people in society will never be equal because certain factors that determine inequality cannot be controlled.

    Liked by 2 people

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