Youkoso V15 (Y2V4) C2 Part 2

Classroom of the Elite Volume 15 Chapter 2 Part 2

TL: Graze/Reg
ED: RoTiPs/Catalystic

Shortly before 4:00 PM. I had just finished up with a Task I was participating in and was about to take my leave from the site.


Thereupon, I crossed paths with Horikita for the first time since we parted ways at the start of the exam.

Although she looked a little surprised to see me, she didn’t seem particularly tired.

“It’s been eight days, huh?”

“That it has.”

We were currently in area F7, reunited once again since our last conversation back on the first day of the exam.

“Did you come for the Task, or are you simply passing through? Where are you headed after this, Horikita?”

“I’m heading to G8. I ended up passing through here on the way. What about yourself?”

Apparently, the area she was headed toward was right next to mine.

“F8. It looks like we’ll be going in the same general direction.”

Since it’d be a waste of time to stand here and talk, the two of us immediately set out together without so much as another word.

Traveling together seemed like the best way to go about this, given that we’d be taking the same route for the most part.

“You’re in better shape than I expected. And from the look of it… I assume you’re still on your own?”

“Yes, I am. It’s troublesome in many ways, but being alone tends to make many things easier as well.”

It was true that, by being alone, you didn’t need to worry about taking care of others or matching their pace.

However, throughout the entire exam so far, Horikita’s name had never shown up in the bottom ten. While that was decent proof that she was doing well for herself in terms of points, it was strange that she didn’t seem tired at all.

“Is it really so hard for you to believe that I’m still in such good shape?”

“Most of the students I’ve come across have looked awfully tired.”

“Hmm. Did something unusual happen?”

“Unusual? Ah… now that you mention it, have you heard about what happened with Shinohara?”

“Yes. To be exact, I heard about it today. In light of that, I’m glad that I ran into you.”

Apparently it had gone something like this: somebody from Class 2-A had reached out to Horikita while she was near the starting area earlier today, and they had urged her to meet with Sakayanagi, whereupon she was informed of Komiya and Kinoshita’s retirement.

Afterward, Sakayanagi told her about the strategy that I had proposed back on the fifth day and the two began to negotiate.

“You didn’t refuse to cooperate, right?”

“I had no reason to do that; I had to prevent Shinohara-san from getting kicked out of school. I heard that you were one of the first on the scene at the time, do you know the details of what happened?”

“No, not really. I think it could’ve been both an incident or an accident.”

I explained what I knew as someone who had seen the aforementioned crime scene from up close.

Of course, I kept certain things to myself, such as the fact that Amasawa had been watching from the shadows.

“Shinohara-san’s group ranking has been dropping lower and lower every day. Currently, she’s placed seventh from the bottom. At this rate, it seems she’ll fall far enough to qualify for expulsion by the end of the day today, so we have to hurry. If worse comes to worst and we can’t find another group for her to join, I’ll take matters into my own hands. Before I ran into you, I was lucky enough to secure first place in a Task that rewarded me with three additional spaces in my group.”

This was good news. The Tasks that increased maximum group size were fairly uncommon, and they were highly sought after as well.

Taking first place in such a contested Task couldn’t have been easy.

“But if that’s how things play out, then it’ll be just you and Shinohara scoring all the points. If possible, I hope our collaboration with Sakayanagi goes smoothly so you can merge with a group that’s doing better for themselves.”

Horikita nodded in agreement.

“At any rate, over these past eight days that I’ve been walking around the island, I’ve really come to realize that a lot more groups have walkie-talkies than I anticipated. I’ve seen students making use of them all over the place, Sakayanagi-san telling her fellow classmates about what happened to Shinohara-san is only one such example.”

“It seems like a particularly strong trend among the upper classes, who are capable of taking charge and have the points to spare. Walkie-talkies let you exchange information over long distances, so depending on how well you make use of it, it could be worth spending such a large number of points.”

“If we trusted one another a little more, I wonder… if we could’ve done that as well…?”

Horikita pursed her lips ever so slightly, perhaps having found the notion fairly difficult to imagine, despite having mentioned it.

“While walkie-talkies are certainly useful, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’d do all that much for us. It’d just be a waste if we didn’t end up doing anything with them.”

“That’s true enough.”

I took out my tablet to see if any new Tasks had appeared, only to find that a risk-free, hassle-free Task that gave out food as a participation prize had shown up not too far from our current location.

Furthermore, there was room for as many as fifteen groups to register for it.

However, it only gave out a single point that all groups would get for participating, so it wasn’t all that appealing on the points side of things.

“I’m running low on food, so I think I’d like to drop by this Task. How about you Horikita?”

If she had her sights set on her designated area’s Early Bird Bonus, then she’d be better off pushing forward without batting an eye.

“I don’t have that much food remaining either, so I’ll drop by the Task as well.”

Since our priorities were identical, we decided to change course and proceeded on our way to the Task.

Although the Task itself was a blessing, participating in it would be highly competitive.

Horikita and I began to pick up the pace as we hurried to the Task site. On the way, we gradually began to catch sight of other groups. From first-years, third-years, and even second-years, all of them seemed to have their sights set on the same destination, given how they were all moving in the same direction as us. In fact, the majority broke into a run as soon as they realized that they were surrounded by direct competition.

“Horikita, you don’t need to worry about me. Go ahead and hurry to the Task site.”

“Look who’s talking. If you’ve really run low on food, then you ought to be a bit more pressed yourself.”

“I just don’t have the energy to run anymore.”

“And I’m in the same boat.”

Despite the rush, it seemed her stance regarding the wasteful expenditure of stamina was the same as mine.

She was all on her own, and yet it was clear that she was acting with a certain degree of flexibility, methodically pacing herself as she tackled the uninhabited island exam.

Not long thereafter, we arrived at the Task site just in time to participate, whereupon we both decided to take some time to mingle with some of our classmates that we hadn’t seen in a while. After all, even if we rushed to our designated areas from here, we’d probably be too late to qualify for any Early Bird Bonuses. With that being the case, we’d be better off looking to exchange information until the last minute so that we could make the most of the rest of the exam.

Moreover, many of our classmates still didn’t know about what kind of situation Shinohara had been put in.

Later on, once the exam was done for the day, I tallied up my score. I had earned 4 points from Arrival Bonuses and 14 points from participating in four different Tasks, for a total of 18. This brought my overall score up to 96, 23rd place on the leaderboards.

On the whole, I got the impression that groups had been more active today than on the fifth or sixth. However, since there were also groups that, for the most part, hadn’t been active at all, a distinct line had been drawn between those who were looking to conserve their stamina and those who weren’t.

The eighth day, which I had otherwise expected to devolve into a fierce battle, hadn’t actually been that bad in the end. There hadn’t been any significant changes in the scores of the top ten either, as the Kuronaga group was still in tenth place with a total of 111 points.

Tomorrow, my goal was to maintain an ideal rank and, if possible, meet up with Sakayanagi once again.

I fell asleep that night hoping that the upcoming designated areas would lead me toward the starting area.

TL Notes:

Chapter 2 is finished. I’ve already started up work on Chapter 3. It’s a bit longer than this one was, and will thus take more time to finish. The introduction is the longest part of the chapter and it will take me a while, with my conservative liberal estimate being about 5 days, but that can vary based on part content. Sorry that Chapter 2 was so boring. I was shocked with how dull the content was, and while I’m always glad to see Horikita, their conversation was pretty terrible and the way the author structured part 2 is really jumpy and unclear. Oh well.

By the way, the reason for the bulk release was because I wasn’t sure what to translate the title of this chapter as. It was very vague in Japanese and I wanted to get a sense for the chapter contents to see if that would give me a feel for it, so I waited until I had gotten through the entire chapter since it was quite short. That, and I was lazy.

Anyways, thanks for reading and look forward to chapter 3 when the time comes.

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81 thoughts on “Youkoso V15 (Y2V4) C2 Part 2

  1. Thank you Graze, you are officially a life saver. I am looking forward to the new episodes. I would be very happy if you could be faster, thanks for the translation.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Pelo que foi mostrado é possível que o aluno da sala branca seja um homem,
      pois ele lutou com Amasawa e venceu.
      Espero ver como Ayanokoji irá enfrentar o WR.
      ACRETIDO também que Amasawa lutou com o outro WR para proteger Ayanokoji ou foi atacada pelo WR para não enterfiri na luta deles .

      Liked by 1 person

    • I’m sure he is doing what he can to stay on top of things. He’s doing this on his own time so no need to pressure him when he’s doing something out of kindness :/

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  2. Since we’ve got much more information now, I’d like to share some thoughts on the identity of the White Room student, other than Amasawa of course.

    I think it is a near certainty that there’s at least one other white room student amongst the first years. The evidence for that is that there a significant discrepency between the thoughts of the White Room student at the beginning of Y2V2 and those of Amasawa.

    By nows there’s only 6 real candidates excluding Amasawa and Nanase. I order of ascending likelyhood of being the White Room student:

    Yagami. Yagami has a lot of points against him, the biggest of which is that he knew Kushida before she enrolled in the ANHS, meaning the White Room would’ve had to start on a project to integrate its students into normal middleschools during the time the White Room was on halt. He is also quite the social butterfly which sounds unlikely coming from someone in a test environment like the WR which clearly didn’t consider social skills important until after Ayanokouji left for the ANHS. His schemes so far have also proven incredibly ineffective, though he probably has a bit more going on due to the descrepency between what happens in Y2V3 chapter 1 and what he tells Kushida in chapter 8 part 4. The latter of which notably happened before the former as well. Overall I highly doubt him to be the WR student.

    The unnamed leader of class 1-A. We know basically nothing of this person other than the fact that “he is the type of person to dislike these kinds of troublesome things”, according to Takahashi in Y2V2 chapter 4. There’s a chance he doesn’t even exist and is a fictional person Takahashi has created in order to hide his own influence, though it seems like a rather ineffective way of doing so. Ultimately, this person hasn’t played much of a role yet and is unlikely to suddenly start doing so during the island exam. 1-A seemingly hasn’t done anything as of yet and isn’t being built up as much of a villain currently. I think it is highly likely that this person will play a huge part in the following volumes, but is taking a backseat for now (much like how Sakayanagi was handled initially).

    Along the same lines: Takahashi. The 1-A representative has been present in a couple of scenes, but has played a much smaller role than every other first year student. The fact that there’s not even any official artwork of him yet is probably the most damning evidence of his noninvolvement. If he was the White Room student he would’ve very likely been built up more by now. It is still possible he is from the WR, but even if that is the case I doubt it’d be revealed during this volume.

    Utomiya has been present for every single first year meeting. He is clearly being used as a shield for Tsubaki to hide her influence and other than that hasn’t played much of an active role. It is technically possible that Tsubaki is being set up as a red herring and Utomiya is the true mastermind of 1-C, but it seems unlikely. He is more like the Horikita of class 1-C, the “true” leader of sorts but not the mastermind. His goals and those of Tsubaki are also likely to be different as he seems genuinely pissed at a student from 1-C getting expelled and Tsubaki seems to not care. I believe they’re only working together for the moments since their goals happens to align.

    Housen is actually suspicious on several points. It is constantly emphasized that neither Ryueen nor Miyake has seen him before, despite having heard of him. Ayanokouji’s inner thoughts also constantly remind us that he is unable to discount the possiblity, a situation that matches the possibility of multiple WR students, something we were also frequently reminded of. Something that is worth drawing attention to is how exactly Amasawa and Housen came to work together. Housen is not exactly the type to include another student, from a seperate class no less, in his plans. There’s a chance that Amasawa initiated the contact when Housen was about to buy the knife in Y2V1, but it honestly seems a bit far fetched to me. Housen should’ve also been very suspicious of the fact that Amasawa was absent from the special exam briefing. The easiest explanation for this cooperation is that both of them are WR students. Furthermore, Amasawa doesn’t treat Housen like an outsider trying to get Ayanokouji expelled like she did with Kushida. The biggest point against Housen is that he didn’t get Ayanokouji expelled when they were teamed up in the Y2V1 exam, though if he truly is the student in the Y2V2 prologue, his desire to exceed Ayanokouji could very well be the explanation for why he didn’t do so.

    Finally, Tsubaki is easily the most suspicious of the first years. She has clear parallels to Ayanokouji himself in her demeanor and approach to exams (not wanting to stand out e.g.). She is also clearly being built up as a villain for this volume and she was nearby during the Shinohara incident (which we know is related to the WR student thanks to Ichinose and Tsukishiro. There’s also a very high chance that she is on the same pattern as Nanase and Ayanokouji. I honestly don’t have much to say regarding her due to the fact that we know very little of her. Just that all the evidence points towards her being the WR with next to nothing pointing against the fact.

    I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if both Housen and Tsubaki turned out to be WR students, though having 3 of them seems somewhat overkill.

    Liked by 4 people

    • I have a weird feeling that the other WR student will not even expose him/herself during this island arc since we cannot forget that tsukishiro already stated that he himself was going to handle things. Therefore this chapter will probably end with something going on between tsukishiro and ayano.

      From the way the writer likes to handle things he will most likely leave the other white room student for the future volumes probably in the near future.

      And also we cannot rule out the possibility that amasawa herself is really his admirer. That could also be a lie.

      However she mentions that she has feelings and loyalties for those she has known longer which is why she cannot get involved. This means that there is most likely another WR student who is close enough to amasawa to make her not get involved in the conflict.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I have no doubt that Amasawa isn’t an ally (just yet at least). She is clearly aware that something is gonna happen, but don’t seem at all inclined to tell Ayanokouji what it is.

        Tsukishiro let’s out a very interesting line though: “Since Ayanokōji-kun happened to be at the scene back then, it’s only natural that he managed to figure out the truth.” the only thing I can think of that this might be referring to is the Shinohara incident. Which Tsubaki coincidentally was present for. We also know that she is planning something, but I don’t think we’ve gotten any hints as to what yet. It also begs the question as to what exactly the point of attacking Shinohara’s group was. It clearly wasn’t a coincidence and it is highly unlikely that the perpetrator just missed Shinohara as well.

        If at the end of this volume, the WR student isn’t revealed, I think it is much less likely to be Tsubaki.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Haas. Here’s my theory. I don’t think Tsubaki is the WR student. The fact that all of her demeanors line up to ayanokouji’s is my reason for saying she can’t be. I think the WR student might’ve taught her how to act, so in a way she’s like a pseudo-horikita. silent leader type.

      The WR student themself is good at acting social and normal, so could easily fake shock and interest at seeing an injured person, whereas Tsubaki, smart girl who would have already known the plan to injure komiya and kinoshita, can show 0 expression. This brings up Utomiya, who is next best guest, shadow puppet character……. also meant to throw you off i think. Tho all your own points are valid.

      Now to call attention to stuff i noticed in cliff fall chapter. Tsubaki’s team. Dogami Mitsuko. Makita Takashige. Mitsui Ayumi. I think one of these three might be the WR student. There are a few reasons for this. When Ayanokouji looked back at the cliff while ike was explaining to sakagami sensei what had happened. He mentioned how all of a sudden it suddenly felt unbelievable. What I get from this is, they probably didn’t sustain their similar injuries, from falling. In the morning light, he realized the cliff wasn’t enough for such an injury.

      This brings up Shinohara, conveniently in the bush doing the dirty. I think she was bribed/threatened in some way by the first year tsubaki group. And when her(shinohara) group had past the first year group prior to the incident, it was like telling her to go hide so she can feign ignorance. While the actual WR student messed her group up. As far as shinohara and how she links up to first years… not too sure, but could be linked to the last exam where they paired up.

      Lmk what you think.

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      • I think there’s absolutely a chance that Tsubaki isn’t the WR student. Though given what we know currently, she is easily the most suspicious. However, I very highly doubt that the WR student will be someone not part of the six mentioned above. Realistically, it could easily be one of the three you mentioned or anyone else. But from a narrative perspective, the WR student has to have taken an active role in the story or the reveal would be quite off putting. It would be like if the murder in a murder mystery turned out to be some insignificant side character with no dialogue, it just doesn’t fly.

        I wrote my thoughts on the Shinohara incident a bit further up. It is a rather weird incident with no clear motive, so it is possible that you’re right about Shinohara being threatened.

        However, something was brought to my attention recently. In the chapter where Yagami was introduced, Kushida didn’t recognize him immediately. Not only that, she didn’t say his name until after Yagami had introduced himself. This does make it somewhat more likely that he could be from the White Room, but there’s still several issues regarding that. Yagami knows of Kushida’s secret, something that even the ANHS isn’t fully aware of. He is also quite the social butterfly, which doesn’t really fit with the isolated environment of the White Room, even considering the changes made in the past year.

        Liked by 1 person

    • I agree with almost everything except the a few points about yagami . The points you listed against him were : 1) he knew kushida 2) he is very social 3) his schemes are ineffective . Now about point 1) , the point you gave for hosen that no-one saw him before he enrolled holds true for yagami too , remember that neither kushida nor horikita knew about him which I find a bit weird cause kushida rn knows almost everyone in school irrespective of school years . 2) as ichika pointed out in ch 1 , from 5th gen , we started increasing the interactions between students so they would be socially adapt. As ichika said she doesn’t have the weakness that kiyo has i.e she can be social but chooses not to do so. 3) we haven’t really seen yagami’s tactics so far apart from the time when he gave tsubaki info about kushida while making it seem as though she forced it out of him which in itself is pretty impressive . Now consider why would he send kushida after kiyo and how he knew the time and date of nanase’s plan . He couldn’t have known unless someone affliated with WR told him as I think it’s highly unlikely that even hosen knew what nanase would do . Now even if he somehow managed to get his hands on that info without knowing about WR , why would he send kushida after them ? He could have deduced that someone from hosens group would be there to record the fight if it was planned as a group . In this case the best case scenario for him would be shared credit for expelling as nagumo(who maybe have the task) would give more credit to hosen for the plan so unless he isn’t really that smart , he would have tried to make nanase call off the plan . My theory is that he is indeed the second WR student and he sent kushida there to mislead kiyo .

      Liked by 1 person

      • PS just read your other comment about how ANHS doesn’t know about kushida’s secret , that’s not true as she was placed in class D precisely due that incident . The reason why he knows about her secret if he is the WR student is cause he was given info about each and every student

        Liked by 1 person

    • ayanokouji said himself that it was extremely improbable for housen to be the other WR student, and I also don’t think he is. I would say the most probable ones would be yagami, utomiya, tsubaki or the unnamed leader of the class 1-A.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Not related to this chap, but either i’m missing something or i’ve found out a plothole in the serie about the “not being able to comunicate with people outside the school”. Ok let’s begin (sorry for my grammar, i’m not english.) In Volume 2, when Sakura is introduced, it’s confirmed that Sakura posted pictures of herself from inside the School Dorm on her Instagram account, infact, it’s the reason Kushida and Ayanokouji found out about her “secret identity” and later she gets stalked by a guy who kept commenting under her picture. So my point is, cant you just comment under that picture by responding to a fan? And if her parents know your account, cant you just communicate with them by responding to their comments? Worst case scenario, if someone suspect something, you can just delete the picture. And if you think the school knows about what is she doing with her instagram account, they don’t, otherwise the secret relationship between Kei and Ayanokouji falls apart, they are deleating the calls and messages precisely to keep their relationship hidden, but if the school already knows, or better, if Tsukishiro already knows, he could’ve just expelled Kei first, since she is an easier target. So, have i missed something on how is possible that the school has a rule that doesn’t let you comunicate with people outside but lets you post on Social Media?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Reunited! Weird to think we expected Horikita to be the “only person he trusts” or smthn, then she became irrelevant and nothing more than a scape goat.

    Thx for the chap part!

    Liked by 1 person

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