Youkoso V12 (Y2V1) C5 Part 7

Classroom of the Elite Volume 12 Chapter 5 Part 7

TL: Graze and Hina
ED: PuffyPyjamas/o-montoya/Silent Death

Naturally, the Keyaki Mall on a Saturday evening was practically overflowing with students.

Students who had already decided on their partners for the special exam, in particular. Since they didn’t need to worry about finding a partner for themselves, they were free to devote their attention to studying for next week’s exam together with their friends or simply hang out and relax.

I hadn’t personally made contact with every first-year student yet, but even so, I felt like if there was anybody from the White Room in the area, I would’ve encountered them by now. However, I didn’t get that kind of special impression from anybody I had seen so far.

If I had to give an example of the impression I was looking for, the time when I talked to Nanase in the library was the first thing that came to mind. I suspected that Tsukishiro or someone with close ties to him had taught the White Room enforcer how to behave like a ‘student’. Though, the problem didn’t have anything to do with whether they had a certain personality or not.

The problem was that they were thoroughly hiding any traces of their true identity.

It was somewhat similar to how I was back when I first came to this school one year ago.

There were certain disadvantages and drawbacks to growing up without knowing anything about the real world.

One such disadvantage was that I didn’t know what it meant to be a ‘student’.

Such a thing had never been taught to us back in the White Room, as they never intended for us to attend school in the first place.

That was why, in the beginning, I arbitrarily decided to create a character and use it to put on an act.

I tried all sorts of things, like changing the tone of my voice or being more talkative than I normally was.

I took on the role of a slightly impertinent student who looked at the world a little bit differently.

Though… in the end, the acting began to feel tedious and unsustainable, so I eventually reverted back to my true self.

I had come to realize that, even if I didn’t hide my true self, I could still live on as a student. However, the person who had been sent to infiltrate the school was different.

They were putting on the appearance of a normal student for the sole purpose of keeping their identity a secret from me. I had no way of knowing if those I met were just ordinary students, or were just acting like one. Either way, they probably wouldn’t make their presence known to me very easily.

Anybody capable of surviving in that world absolutely cannot be underestimated, no matter their gender.

Even though I was confident that I would come out on top in terms of individual skill, I was still in an overwhelmingly disadvantageous position since I was being forced to stay on the defensive. My opponent could use any means at their disposal to force my expulsion, while the only thing I could do to protect myself was try and see through their strategy.

On my way back from a quick stop at Hamming, I happened to run into Sakayanagi.

“It seems you’ve been quite proactive about interacting with the first-year students recently, Ayanokōji-kun.”

“That’s because the students with low ratings have no choice but to fight for their lives. I’ve just been helping Horikita find partners for Sudō and Ike.”

“I see. Indeed, if one of those two were to draw the short end of the stick and match with a bad partner, I can say with certainty that they’d be faced with expulsion.”

Although Sakayanagi seemed at least somewhat convinced with my excuse, she didn’t stop there.

“However, is that really all there is to it, Ayanokōji-kun?”

“What do you mean?”

“In order to get you expelled, I would imagine that the White Room might send somebody… an enforcer of sorts to infiltrate the first-year students. Even if you got a perfect score, if your partner gets a zero, the both of you would be expelled from the school. That’s why I’ve been thinking that this exam might be particularly troublesome for you.”

I tried to feign ignorance, but given what she had said, it seemed as though this was something she had been aware of since the very beginning instead of something that she had just thought up out of the blue.

“There’s no way you can maintain a peaceful school life indefinitely, you know? If your opponent feels like it, they may even be willing to expose your true abilities to everyone. Nevertheless, if you’re still able to maintain an enjoyable school life despite that, then I suppose my fears are unfounded.”

“Well, you don’t need to worry about that.”

“And could I get you to tell me your rationale for that?”

“I’ve decided to abandon my old way of thinking. I don’t plan on hiding anything from now on.”

For me, right now, continuing with my school life was my top priority.

If I kept being fixated on the wrong things, there was a chance that I might have the rug pulled out from under me.

“So that’s how it is. You’ve already revealed some of your abilities to certain individuals such as Mashima-sensei, so it’d probably be more convenient to just disclose everything altogether, huh?”

Sakayanagi replied, having gladly lent her ear to my explanation.

“Back to the issue at hand; If you still haven’t found a partner yet, how about I help you out and save you some time? There aren’t many left, but I’m familiar with some first-years that don’t have partners yet. They’re not the types to cause you any trouble.”

Thanks to her own investigative efforts, it seemed that Sakayanagi had gone out of her way to leave behind a couple of safe students for me.

“That’s quite generous of you, but I’m afraid I must decline.”

“Is it that you don’t trust my judgment?”

She had already seen through me since long ago, knowing full well that I needed to make my decision soon.

“I acknowledge your abilities, but I’ll decide my own fate for myself.”

If I met a tragic end after entrusting my fate to somebody else, I would probably be filled with regret.

“Besides, I think I’ve already figured out what I need to do.”

“Is that so? Well in that case, I won’t say anything more. I’ll be watching to see what you do from afar, Ayanokōji-kun. I look forward to the day when we can have our rematch.”

With that, Sakayanagi bowed her head and walked away. She had never even entertained the idea that I might get expelled. In a sense, you could say that she had placed a great deal of trust in me.

TL Notes:

Part 8 is like halfway finished at this point in time. I’ll strive to muster the strength to get it all done by sometime tomorrow. The part looks pretty interesting so I’m fairly motivated to work on it. Look forward to that in 1-2 days. Then just Part 9 and we’ve finished Chapter 5.

There is a Chapter 6. It will take me a good bit to get through, but the volume REALLY picks up pace in C6, so my motivation should be relatively solid. Let’s look forward to it.

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33 thoughts on “Youkoso V12 (Y2V1) C5 Part 7

  1. His thought process makes Amasawa or whatever her name is, sound more suspicious. I remember the small appearance of the enforcer as being someone who wanted to prove they’re better than MC. She got a chance to test him and try to catch him off-guard. Like she wanted to see him slip up. This thought process now makes me more worried for Kei. She could be a target of the enforcer if it was Amasawa.

    Liked by 5 people

    • Out of all the characters we’ve met so far, the one that Would be the most sus is Amasawa.
      She kept changing the requirements to be Sudos partner, possible in order to have some kind of excuse to forge an inconspicuous relationship with Kiyotaka.
      Thanks for the translations Graze looking forward to the next part

      Liked by 2 people

      • Yeah i’m super convinced she knows kiyo already. But whether she’s a white room student or just a regular goon is still uncertain. A personal theory of mine is that she’s a goon, but that she’s either not necessarily willing to follow orders depending on her whim, or she’s doing reconnaissance or sabotage for the others. She’s made herself way too suspicious to go on the offensive.

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  2. “That was why, in the beginning, I arbitrarily decided to create a character and use it to put on an act.”.

    It really explains a lot of things.

    But bro, I really don’t know how I feel about the White Room. It seems to be a powerful and dangerous organization, but at the same time it does not look so different from what we would see in real life. So I don’t know how it would feel if the author exaggerated, like putting a troop of mercenaries to invade the school for example. Would that work? If the White Room had a paramilitary unit?

    I remember that in vol 7 Kiyopon says that his father went safely to the bathroom, or he is paranoid, or things are very serious.

    Thanks for the translation!

    Liked by 3 people

      • Not only is it a less humane version you could also say it’s a place that raises children to be better than even the best at certain things. Though the certain things differ. From what i can say kiyo has beyond human reactions and grasping abilities. So its something like an advanced cram school you start attending while being able to barely run thats illegal so that you can be better than the world’s best. Lol ignore me just spouting random shit

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    • To be honest the White Room seems like a very ambiguous organization. On one hand, implying from Sakayanagi’s conflict with Kiyo, their goal is to create an educatIonal system capable of raising geniuses out of ordinary kids, while on other hand, they employ battle royalle system where only the fittest survive, which undermines the entire purpose of the white room. If those breakthrough educational methods used in the white room are to be used en-masse, then introducing the survivalist aspect to it seems counterproductive bc it will simply disregard the ordinary kids and push the gifted forward. Then why not just pick gifted kids like Sakayanagi from all over the country and force them to undergo the same training instead of wasting tons of resources trying to make geniuses out of ordinary kids? In the end the WR is either a harsher version of normal school or a military-based boot camp, or simply a testing facility similar to Portal, where more attention is given towards collecting data than well-being of the participants, and Kiyotaka may be just an exceptionally lucky and capable survivor/lab rat whose existence is perplexing and controversial to researchers, hence so much interest in Kiyo.

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  3. You know things are heating up when they even bring in Sakayanagi to comment that she’ll be watching so you don’t wonder where she’s at. I have the feeling we won’t be seeing her for the exciting parts.

    If Kiyo actually shows what he’s made of the enforcer might feel obligated to test themselves against him, so it’s also bait. It also take a weight off his shoulders and could deter unrelated trouble.

    I’m getting excited! Thx for the chap part.

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  4. Thanks for the translation again Graze. It seems lik evol 1 – vol 3 was Ayanoukouji being “fake”. If that is the case, I wonder if the manga will be like that, and it gets better at volume 4? Well I’ll still continue reading the light novel anyways.

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    • I don’t think its amasawa cause the strategy was seen through easily almost as if kiyotaka was being underestimated.
      White room student would not do that.
      Instead I think it’s the one that stopped the student from buying the knife.

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  5. I feel like nothing much happened in ch4 and ch5 so we ended up with so much ground to cover in ch6 so I’m sure it will be exciting. If you ask me though, ch4 and ch5 should have been condensed into one chapter and then it wouldn’t feel like it was getting really dragged out.
    Thanks for the translation as usual man!

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  6. Here’s my prediction: I think that the white room student hasn’t revealed themselves yet, but I think they’re manipulating multiple first years from the shadows. There are likely accomplices because it was mentioned by Kiyotaka earlier that such is a possibility. Some accomplices are likely those who have already interacted with Kiyotaka include Amasawa and Nanase, but also Hōsen, who hasn’t interacted with Kiyotaka yet. Amasawa and Nanase are likely accomplices because Amasawa got very close with Kiyotaka which is suspicious and Nanase has stared at Kiyotaka multiple times and even told him that she thinks he’s a wicked person without any known basis. I also think Hōsen because of his athletic ability and that he has glanced at Kiyotaka one time. A third reason is that Hōsen versus Kiyotaka would definitely liven things up, but that is a little meta. Based on the positioning of where these students are, I would deduce that the white room student is most likely in class C or B since the suspected accomplices are from either class A or D. If Kiyotaka were to make this connection he could deduce that the white room student might be managing the accomplices because they are in the same class as them which may lead him to choose a partner from class C or B where the white room student is waiting. Furthermore, there are likely more accomplices in class D if Hōsen is an accomplice as he rules over class D so he might try to pair up an accomplice with Kiyotaka; however, I’m sure Kiyotaka will see through such a strategy, somehow.

    Also, thank you for the translation Graze!

    Liked by 2 people

  7. I tried all sorts of things, like changing the tone of my voice or being more talkative than normally I was.
    I think it would be much smoother if it was ‘than i normally was’ Just saying.
    Anyway thanks for the chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

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