Youkoso V12 (Y2V1) C5 Part 4

Classroom of the Elite Volume 12 Chapter 5 Part 4

TL: Graze
ED: PuffyPyjamas/Josh/Silent Death/o-montoya

Although it had taken some time, thanks to Nanase’s everlasting cooperation, it had been decided that we would attempt to hold a discussion with Hōsen, albeit a bit forcefully. There was no way to tell where things would go from here, but it was definitely a step in the right direction.

Shortly before 6:00 PM, my doorbell rang.

Kei arrived, donned in her school uniform instead of casual clothes, perhaps because she had only just gotten back to the dorms.

“You know, there’s a lotta people around at this time of day, so I had to be like, super careful. I even used the stairs.”

There probably weren’t very many girls who would visit a boy’s room all by themselves, and even fewer who would stay there for a long period of time.

That type of behavior didn’t happen very often unless the boy and girl were in a relationship.

“Well then, how about we get started?”

“Huh? Can’t we like, do somethin’ else first?”

Instead of taking out her study materials, Kei voiced her desire to chat with me.

However, time was limited. The later in the day it got, the less time there would be left to study.

“If there are no problems with your academics, I’d be glad to chat with you as much as you’d like.”


“To start out, we need to find out where your strengths and weaknesses lie.”

“How do we find out?”

“With these.”

I took out five test sheets. Keisei had created them for the Ayanokōji Group to check our strengths and weaknesses. They were extremely convenient, given how much time it would take to go and pick out questions to get everything prepared. Horikita and Yōsuke often made use of them during their study sessions as well.

“Most of our classmates have been tested with these already.”


“There’s a time limit of 10 minutes per sheet. Go ahead and get started.”


Although reluctant, Kei began to work on the first sheet.

And then, 50 minutes later, she collapsed onto the table listlessly.

“I’m soooooo tired of this…!”

“Good work. Though, I’m surprised you actually manage to concentrate on normal tests.”

“It’s cuz I already had a full day of classes. It’s not easy for me to like, switch back into study mode.”

I quickly finished grading the last sheet as I listened to her complain.

“I see. I think I have a grasp at where your abilities lie.”

“H-how did I do?”

She didn’t seem to know what she herself was capable of, as she looked at me with eyes filled with both anticipation and anxiety.

“You’ll definitely be attending Yōsuke’s study sessions starting tomorrow.”


“It’s nothing worth panicking over. However, if you don’t study, you’ll only be a stone’s throw from being expelled.”

“B-but like, my partner, Shimazaki-san, has a B-. Shouldn’t I be fine?”

“You need to score 501 points to pass this special exam. You haven’t studied enough, but you’re expected to score around 200 points. Shimazaki will get around 350. A total of 550 is hardly enough to put you into the safe zone. Furthermore, if Shimazaki hates studying just as much as you do, there’s a good chance that they might score less than 300 points.”

If that were to happen, the two of them would probably fall below the 501 point safety line.

“I think I’m like, gettin’ a little scared all of a sudden…”

“That’s why it’s important that you get yourself into a position where you can score 250 points on the exam as soon as possible.” 

This test was designed so that even D+ students could score that well. That is, as long as they studied properly.

“Uhm, well, I’ve got a question for you.”

“A question?”

“You’re tryin’ to tutor me and all, but Kiyotaka, you’ve got a C rating right now, right? It looks ordinary, but you can actually, like… score way better than that, right?”

“Something like that.”

“You’re like this with your fighting skills too. Why do you go so far to hide everything?”

“I don’t want to stand out, so I don’t put in the effort with my grades.”

“Well then, like, how many points could you get if you got serious?”

“Who knows.”

“Stop avoiding the question and tell me already~!”

She pushed my shoulder and asked me with a smile on her face.

“I’ll gladly answer your question as long as you attend the study sessions starting tomorrow.”

“I’ll go I’ll go. I felt like, a sense of danger from what you said earlier anyway.”

“Instead of telling you how many points I could get, I’ll tell you how many points I’ve decided to get.”

“W-what the heck? You’re saying some crazy stuff.”

The exam had five subjects in total. Since one subject had to be saved for my competition with Horikita, I had no intention of cutting any corners at all.

However, if I went all out in all five subjects, my reputation among others would change completely.

“400 points.”

“…Seriously? Wait a sec, 400 points is…”

“The equivalent of an A rating in Academic Ability.”

Even amongst our classmates, it was a domain that only a few honor students like Keisei and Horikita could hope to reach.

To be precise, it would’ve been more accurate to say nearly 400 points, but I felt no need to correct myself.

“And you’re sayin’ you think you can score that well?”

“Of course. There hasn’t been a problem I couldn’t solve ever since I enrolled here.”

I didn’t know how many high-difficulty questions this exam would contain, but compared to what I studied back in the White Room, it seemed fair to assume the exam wouldn’t be that difficult.

After noticing that she looked physically incapable of understanding what I was talking about, I decided to call Kei back to reality.

“Now that I’ve seen what you’re working with, I want you to keep that sense of danger of yours in mind and concentrate on your studies.”

“Well… I guess I’ll study with you for a bit and then head back home…”

It was only just past 7:00, so I didn’t think there was an issue with working hard for another hour or so.

It would probably be useful to see more so that I could tell Yōsuke about Kei’s current skill level tomorrow.

“Alright. Ready to get started then?”

“Right here, right here.”


I had intended to get into it right away, but Kei began patting the floor right next to her with her hand.

“Come sit here and teach me.”

TL Notes:

I fully intended to have this posted two days ago, but I accidentally spilled a liter of root beer into my last keyboard and it got completely messed up. I didn’t have the tools needed to clean it, so I was forced to go out and buy a new one when I had the time. It prevented me from translating anything further and posting this part, so I apologize for the delay here. As long as nothing else happens, my ETAs moving forward should be much more accurate.

Part 5 is like half translated. Look forward to it soon-ish. My ETA will be like, 2 days. Maybe 1 day. We’ll see. Thanks for reading.

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19 thoughts on “Youkoso V12 (Y2V1) C5 Part 4

  1. Needy girls are usually the worst, but Kei deserves to be needy considering they only meet up so often and there’s usually a reason behind it.

    I wonder who his partner will actually end up being and if “that man” will mess with the pairing system to get his way.

    I hope Kiyo ends up protecting someone from Hosen and shows his true strength. That would get him interested for sure if he couldn’t beat Kiyo.

    Thx for the chap part and I pray your computer isn’t next

    Liked by 2 people

  2. If Kei is addressing this Shimazaki person with “san” and this person is first year student, then this person is a girl probably. Right? if this person is boy, wouldn’t she address him with “kun”. Since Horikita calls Nanase as Nanase-san!

    “there’s a good chance that he might score less than 300 points.”

    In this sentence I think you have typo here, this person should be addressed with “she”.

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  3. Kei and Kiyotaka are so different, but they are still a couple (at least until Ichinose awakens her inner bitch and seduces Kiyotaka, lol), but seriously, even though they have a story together, Kei is still shocked by the revelation that he you can control the his note, which is at the same time a little sad because it shows that she doesn’t know him as well yet (although she knows more than most).

    Thanks for the translation!

    I didn’t have a chance to comment on the previous part, but personally and it’s just my theory, I think Nanase is somehow related to Matsu (Kiyotaka butler), maybe a niece, or a friend of the son or maybe the son himself who is in the true a daughter.

    It may be a crazy theory, but I always believed that this plot would be used in some way in the future.


  4. graze you’re the translated but u shouldn’t bais kei like u said u didn’t like her part that much but for others like me it’s the only sauce here so be fair ya…


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