Youkoso V12 (Y2V1) C4 Intro

Classroom of the Elite Volume 12 Chapter 4 Introduction

Chapter 4: Ichika’s Test

TL: D3nj4l and Graze
ED: PuffyPyjamas and Graze

It was already Wednesday, the third day of the special exam.

OAA was refreshed for the second time at 8 AM, and naturally, the number of choices had gone down yet again.

“34 new pairs have been formed, huh?”

Combined with Tuesday, that meant 56 pairs had been formed in total.

Considering that the maximum number of pairs was 157, this meant that over thirty percent of students had already decided on their partners.

Class 2-B had driven the partner formation yesterday. Therefore, many of these probably had to do with Ichinose.

It seemed like the first-year students had carefully considered their options after the meet-and-greet and decided to form pairs.

Essentially, I could confirm that most of the first-year students with low Academic Ability ratings had paired up with students in Ichinose’s class.

Aside from that, several of the first-year honor students had found partners now along with several students from Class 2-C. From this, I could infer that they had been successful in their negotiations. In our class, starting with Kushida, five people had settled on their partners. I checked the page for Class 1-B and found that Yagami Takuya had found a partner as well. It was possible that he had joined hands with Kushida.

But the strange thing was, not even a single person from Class 1-D had partnered up yet.

This was completely unprecedented when compared to the rest of the first-year and the entirety of the second-year.

If I didn’t make my move soon, it seemed like I might not be able to do anything when the time finally arrived.

In the first place, there was no way that somebody would take an objective look at my rating and ask me to join up with them. It’s only natural that students would want to pair up with somebody smart, regardless of how good or bad their own rating was. Unlike the second-year students, who had reached the point where they were capable of taking action for the sake of their own class, the first-year students probably wouldn’t take the time to worry about their surroundings. They’d probably be more inclined to see their very own classmates as rivals instead.

For them, I would be put on the back burner. That is, at least until everybody with high ratings was taken already.

For that reason, Tsukishiro must’ve instructed his enforcer to not let this chance slip by.

Naturally, anybody who would reach out to pair up with me, or who would allow me to pair up with them, would be a big red flag.

That said, if I kept hesitating without deciding on a partner forever, the chances of being paired up with Tsukishiro’s enforcer would only continue to go up. I needed to be absolutely certain that the student I chose wasn’t the enforcer, but that probably wasn’t going to be easy.

At the end of the day, I had no idea what kind of performance they were putting on to disguise themself.

I had memorized the names, faces, and ratings of everyone on the app, but I hadn’t been able to glean any hints from that.

If all 160 of the first-years were against me, I would be facing an inescapable, sure-fire checkmate.

But, that would be absurd. That would be impossible for somebody to pull off, even for Tsukishiro, but…

No, that wasn’t the right way to be approaching this.

The important thing here was for me to come up with a way to survive, even if everyone was against me.

At any rate, for now, I’d track down somebody safe from the 104 students that were left.

There was no gender bias in the children raised within the White Room. Since their pedagogy treated boys and girls equally, it was impossible for me to narrow down my selection with that in mind.

In which case, how should I go about checking people off the list? One possible way to do so was to check their body type or physique.

The meals provided within the White Room were controlled down to the smallest detail. It was basically impossible for the children growing up in that environment to be obese. Thus, a simple plan came to mind… If I were to choose an overweight student, I’d be able to avoid the White Room student.

However, this plan was not without flaws. It was more than possible that the White Room student began preparing for my expulsion several months ago. Thinking about it that way, it wasn’t out of the question for them to have taken the time to gain or lose weight accordingly. Doing something like that would be trivial for those who had endured the relentless curriculum of the White Room.

But, even if I were to put all of that aside, it’s doubtful whether or not I’d be able to select a student with a sub-standard body type. I couldn’t say for sure since the OAA app doesn’t provide a full-body picture, but there were only about two students in the first year who were obviously overweight.

Even so, I still couldn’t discount the possibility that both of them had been sent by Tsukishiro. After all, I’m assuming that it’s not only the White Room student who had been sent as an enforcer, but ordinary students as well.

They could’ve been approached with promises of admission to a better college or university if they were to get me expelled.

My next thought was whether or not I could narrow it down based on Academic Ability rating, but that, too, would be difficult.

For a student from the White Room, getting a perfect score on the entrance exam wouldn’t be difficult in the slightest. They’d be able to get an A or A+ rating in Academic Ability with ease. Put in other words, that meant that they’d be able to control their rating however they wanted.

They must’ve been informed about the introduction of the OAA system as well.

It wouldn’t be surprising by any stretch of the imagination if they were patiently lying in wait, equipped with an E rating in Academic Ability.

Similarly, it was also impossible to narrow it down based on class affiliation, such as being a member of Class 1-A or Class 1-D.

I had known this from the very start, but there was simply no way I could narrow down my list of suspects right now.

I knew what I needed to do.

I needed to investigate each student with my own eyes and verify their authenticity myself. If I could confirm that someone wasn’t an enemy, I’d be able to partner up with them, or perhaps even get them to cooperate with me moving forward.

I proceeded to set a rule for myself.

Today, from when school started, through lunch, and all the way until school was over, I would reach out to each and every first-year student I came across. From there, I’d try and get them to cooperate with me. Since there was no way Tsukishiro had sent in an opponent who’d be identified through mere observation, I had no choice but to fight with the element of luck to minimize any potential interference.

With a C in Academic Ability, my rating was by no means high, so I couldn’t exactly use it as a weapon. However, it’s not like nobody would be willing to partner up with me. If I searched around long enough, I’d probably find at least a few people.

TL Notes:

I was asleep for most of the day yesterday, hence not having this done a day late. As compensation, I’ll have part 1 done by tomorrow when I originally planned on having it take two days, meaning I don’t really lose out on my timeline. Look forward to it posted then.

I like short parts. This part wasn’t amazing or anything, but then length was a total breath of fresh air for me. It’s like I’m a whole new person now that Chapter 3 is done. Fuck that chapter.

Thanks for reading and look forward to more tomorrow!

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22 thoughts on “Youkoso V12 (Y2V1) C4 Intro

  1. Sounds like Kiyopon there was having trouble?..or not..😏You’re in good hands now again graze. You survived chapter three!

    Can’t wait to read the next one. Thank you!

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  2. Kiyopon is so fucked up. He is thinking of all the possibility, until the White Room student changed his appearance. But as this is a novel and for the sake of the fanservise, she is probably a cute girl.

    Thanks for the translation!

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  3. It’s terrifying because he’s right. There is no guarantee in anyway that anyone isn’t the WR student. Maybe the entire school would be against him. Even if you met someone face to face, what if they’re like Kushida and are faking it?

    So short I could read it in class. Thanks Oh Great Graze-sama

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  4. I hope that Kiyopon doesn’t get 100 on one subject and 50 on every other for the sake of deceiving everyone, thanks for the new translated chapter though

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  5. The white room student is probably the one who was watching the fight in hallway from a distance (can’t remember his name). He did say “A wise man stays out of trouble”, kind of similar to ayanakouji’s thinking. That’s the impression I get as the reader. Looking forward to the next part! 本当にありがとう!

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      • Unfortunately that doesn’t mean anything. As shown in the prologue to this volume, the white room student has information about all second year students.

        “With this, we’ve now gone over the data for Ayanokōji Kiyotaka and the other 156 second-year students. Have you committed everything to memory?”

        The man, Tsukishiro, was showing this teenager all of the data that they had collected on the students of a certain high school over the course of the last year. Not only did it have standard information such as their full names, date of birth, and former schools, but it even had information on their parents and siblings, grades and accomplishments since early childhood, and even who they typically interacted with. It was a top-secret meeting with detailed information that even the school’s homeroom teachers weren’t allowed to see.”

        He could have simply approached Kushida before and threatened her with information about what she did at her last school and thus gained cooperation. Kushida is a great actress.


  6. It’s an absolutely chilling thought that Kiyo had. If there’s an incentive for the normal students to get Kiyo expelled, then it’s very possible that all 160 first years are against him. I could see his partner only getting one point, thus leaving a chance for Kiyo to stay if he does get a perfect score.

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  7. Lol I’m glad you’re revitalized~ boring chapters can be brutal. I really liked the part when Kiyo thought, No, don’t think this way, it really shows it’s starting to get to him when he is usually pretty precise and logical. Let’s see how he hits up these first year kiddos~ thank you, Graze!

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