Youkoso V11C8 Part 1

Classroom of the Elite Volume 11 Chapter 8 Part 1

TL: Graze/Heero/Hina
ED: Josh and PuffyPyjamas

From here, the story turns back to the day the special exam was first announced.

Alone, Ishizaki chased after Ryūen as he headed off to eat his lunch. Class D had already decided on making Kaneda their commander, but they were having problems coming up with what events to choose.

The reason being that nobody in Class D was capable of coming up with any original ideas.

Ordinary events, ordinary rules, ordinary fighting styles.

They were only able to come up with simple, ordinary ideas that anyone would be able to think of.

If they couldn’t come up with anything better, their chances of winning against any of the other classes were effectively non-existent.

Submitting ten casual, ordinary events was simply the easy way out.

In Class D, the current opinion was that they should avoid facing off against Class A because their abilities were just too overpowering. Similarly, they came to the conclusion that it might be even more crucial to avoid Class B.

So, naturally, everyone wanted to go after the up-and-coming Class C. That is, everyone other than Ishizaki.

“Uhh─ could ya spare a moment, Ryūen-san?”

Despite his fear of doing so, Ishizaki checked his surroundings to make sure that there were no other first-year students around before he proceeded to call out to Ryūen.


With just a mere glance from Ryūen’s harsh eyes, Ishizaki froze like a frog that had been seen by a snake.

But despite his body freezing up on him, his mouth still managed to speak.

“I beg of you─ please give me some of your time!!”

“Oh, so you’ve gotten big enough to oppose me now, huh?”

“N-no, that ain’t it…!”

“Kuku. Well, whatever. You’re practically the leader of Class D right now.”

Ryūen felt like he was only prolonging the inevitable right now. That this was nothing more than extra time at a school where he was going to get forced out eventually, so he had plenty of time to kill. The two of them began walking outside with Ryūen in the lead.

Even if someone were to witness the two of them, it’d probably seem like Ishizaki had called Ryūen out or something.

Once they made their way out of the school building and got to an area where no people were around, Ishizaki promptly got down on his knees.

“Ryūen-san, please… lend your strength to Class D for this special exam!”

From the moment Ishizaki called out to him, Ryūen had a solid idea of what Ishizaki wanted. However, he didn’t say a word about it. He just looked down upon Ishizaki prostrated on the ground before him.

“You’re dribbling out nonsense, Ishizaki. I stepped down. I’ve told you that already. You really think I’ll help you?”

“That─ I know that. But with how we are now, we hardly stand a chance against the other classes!”

“Yeah probably.”

Ryūen didn’t deny it either.

After all, he had already thought about it. When it comes to sheer competitive potential, Class D was overwhelmingly inferior to the other classes.

“Kaneda stepped up as the commander, so even if we lose nobody will get expelled… But, if we lose at this point, our class points will be all but gone!”

“Well, that’s what you get if ya lose seven events straight, eh?”

Class D currently has 318 class points. If they lost all seven matches, they’d be down to 100 points total. While that was the worst-case scenario, it wasn’t all that unlikely given the current trajectory of the class.

“So you want me to be the commander? Who would agree to something like that?”


In order to get Ryūen expelled, they’d have to make him the commander. And furthermore, they would need to lose.

However, the class would have to suffer a huge loss just to get one person expelled, and nobody was very eager to make that tradeoff.

Should their class points ever drop to 0, it’d be effectively impossible for them to ever reach Class A.

Not only that. It’d be nearly impossible to live a stable life at this school anymore.

Class D’s optimal outcome was victory. Second to this would be to lose and force Ryūen’s expulsion.

But no matter what, they had to avoid getting crushed and losing their only protection point at the same time.

Ishizaki wanted Class D to win, but he also didn’t want Ryūen to get expelled.

And, if anyone in the class could make that happen, it’d be Ryūen himself.

“…So what should we do? Should we go for Class C after all?”

Under normal circumstances, Ishizaki would’ve been fully behind choosing Class C, but the problem with that was Ayanokōji.

Ishizaki’s hesitation stemmed from the fact that he was one of the few students who knew the true nature of that man.

“Don’t go asking for my opinion all willy-nilly like that. Who told you I’d cooperate?”

For Ishizaki, this was all or nothing, but Ryūen’s words made it clear he had been too reckless. But even so, he still wasn’t going to stop prostrating himself. He was prepared to keep it up until the moment Ryūen left.

“You’re right that Class C isn’t very unified. They’ve got a monster like Ayanokōji, but in the end, he’s just one guy. You might even be tempted to think you’d stand a chance because it’s a team competition… though, you’d be wrong.”


Ryūen, the very man Ishizaki thought he had no chance of convincing, unexpectedly decided to share his thoughts.

“Put me as the commander and I’d avoid facing off with Class C. I dunno the whole process of how we choose our opponent, but that class isn’t one I’d want to be challenging voluntarily.”

“B-but other than Ayanokōji─”

“That’s got nothing to do with it, blockhead.”

Ishizaki recoiled a bit.

“Even though Class D is full of incompetent morons like you, we’ve still got the tools to succeed in other ways. But, Class C isn’t the best option we’ve got available. No, there’s only one class suitable enough to be our opponent.”

“Wh-which one is it!?”

“Class B.”

Ryūen spoke the name of the class without even looking at Ishizaki below him.

“If you’re lookin’ to win this exam, Class B is your only option.”

He proposed Class B, a class that everyone in Class D had wanted to avoid.

“Even an idiot can be useful depending on what ya do with ‘em.”

With that, Ryūen turned his back on Ishizaki and began to leave.

“P-please wait! How, how could we possibly beat Class B!?”

Ishizaki scrambled to his feet and called after him.

“Ryūen-san! Ryūen-saaan!”

But Ishizaki’s cries didn’t stop him from walking away.

TL Notes:

Here’s this! I’m a bit short for words today, but the next part will be posted tomorrow. Thanks for reading! Cheers!

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20 thoughts on “Youkoso V11C8 Part 1

  1. Hey man, it’s been 17 minutes since the day changed and the chapter isn’t up yet, what’s with that??
    //s obviously
    Anyway it seems this chapter is gonna be interesting but it completely killed the vibe of ayanokouji v sakayanagi that is obviously the most exciting part in this entire volume. Thanks for the translation

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  2. I’m just waiting for the rest of class C to realize that the other leaders are scared of their class at this point. I wonder if his plans would still work if everyone knew about him or if they would even believe it’s him in the first place.

    Thx for the translation!


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