Youkoso V11C8 Introduction

Classroom of the Elite Volume 11 Chapter 8 Intro

Chapter 8: “Class B vs. Class D”

TL: Graze/Hina/YDGMA
ED: Josh

While Class A and Class C were still in the process of having their Math tests graded for their third event…

The outcome of the fourth event in the battle between Class B and Class D had already been decided.

“After tallying up the results, Class B ended with 601 points, while Class D ended with 409 points. Class B wins the fourth event.”

After hearing Mashima announce the results, Ichinose let out a sigh of relief.

The event had been an academic test that Class B had suggested, so it would’ve been nearly impossible for them to lose.

“Well ain’t you a lucky one, Ichinose. You should be grateful we keep drawing Class B’s events.”


Despite having won, Ichinose was still clearly distraught, whereas the loser, Ryūen, seemed perfectly composed.

Moreover, this was only natural. Out of the four events that had been drawn so far, three of them had been suggested by Class B. However, those four events hadn’t ended up playing out as expected, as the score was tied with two wins apiece between Class B and Class D. During the third event, Class B had lost at their own game, the Chemistry Test. Furthermore, the reason for their defeat was obvious.

“Sensei… Have the students with stomach aches come back from the bathroom yet?”

At Ichinose’s request, Mashima got in touch with the classroom to check on the situation in Class B.

“No, two of them still haven’t gotten back from the bathroom yet, and it seems that several of the others have also started to feel unwell now.”

“Is that so…”

The reason why Class B had lost the Chemistry event was because a portion of their main fighting force had unexpectedly fallen sick.

But, that wasn’t the only reason. On the day before the exam, some of Class B’s students had gotten into a dispute with Class D, which had also had an impact.

Although a complaint had been made to the school, neither of the two classes had been penalized as it was nothing more than a verbal argument.

These underhanded actions had undoubtedly been orchestrated by the man seated on the other side of the table, Ryūen.

Ichinose took a few deep breaths in order to compose herself once again.

“Haa… It’s okay, it’s okay.”

They hadn’t given up the lead just yet. Ichinose had lost her presence of mind ever since her defeat in the Chemistry event, but now she was slowly beginning to return to normal. While it was true that problems kept popping up one after another, Ryūen’s actions were limited. As the commander, he wouldn’t be able to do anything that she couldn’t do also.

Ichinose desperately tried to regain her confidence. To tell herself that, as long as she continued to fight hard, they wouldn’t lose.

“Oi, you teachers. Hurry up and start the fifth event already. Those chumps in Class B weren’t even able to take care of their health on the day of the exam. Are you really gonna make concessions for a naive bunch like that?”

“Mind your language, Ryūen.”

Despite Chabashira’s warning for his arrogant language, Ryūen didn’t seem to care.

In fact, he even turned it up a notch.

“I dunno if they’re on the toilet or whatever, but they could totally be using this time to iron out their strategy. Plus, it’s strange that multiple people just so happened to get sick all at the same time. What kind of sinister tricks are you playing at, Ichinose?”

“I-I didn’t…”

Ryūen drew suspicion to the fact that several people had reported feeling unwell at the same time.

Even though Ichinose knew that there had been absolutely no wrongdoing on her part, she had no room to refute it either.

“Either way, let’s just get on with it already, aight teach’?”

With a grin on his face, Ryūen shot a look at Chabashira for confirmation.

“Ryūen is certainly right about that. Mashima-sensei, please proceed with the fifth event, if you would.”

Mashima began the drawing for the fifth event.


『Karate』 Required Participants: 3 ・ Time: 10 Minutes

Rules: Each match will take at most 3 minutes, using a non-contact, Sundome Karate ruleset. The matches will adopt a “Loser Leaves, Winner Stays” tournament style.

Commander Intervention: The commander may, at any point, call for one of the matches to be redone.


“Sweet, it’s one of our events this time. We’ll take on anyone, doesn’t matter who.”

Ryūen chose Suzuki Hidetoshi, Oda Takumi, and Ishizaki Daichi for his three participants. The rules regarding commander intervention were perfect for him as well, granting him the ability to call for a rematch just in case something unexpected were to happen and they lost one of the matches.

On the other side, Ichinose chose Sumida Makoto, Watanabe Norihito, and Yonezu Haruto. Back when the opposing class’s events were announced, she had tasked these three with practicing for the Karate event, but they pretty much had their hands full with just remembering the rules.

As a result, Class B suffered two staggering back-to-back losses. Even when Ichinose tried to make use of her powers as the commander to call for a rematch, it still didn’t manage to change anything.

The fifth event had been one of the quickest and most decisive losses so far.

At this point, Class B didn’t have any more leeway. If they lost the next event, the sixth, they would lose the entire special exam.

“It’s funny, isn’t it, Ichinose?”

As they waited for the drawing to pass judgment, Ryūen called out to Ichinose, who had gotten quieter.

“When it was decided that you’d be going against Class D back when the special exam was announced, I’ll bet you guys felt like you had an absolute advantage. But looking at you now, it’s like the only thing you can do is sit there and pray to the heavens. Kuku.”

Ichinose’s strategies were by no means naive.

If they were competing under normal circumstances, Class B would be at 3 wins and 2 losses right now.

But instead, a sudden accident happened that had thrown everything out of order.

If they didn’t draw one of their own events here, they wouldn’t stand a chance.

And then it was chosen, the sixth event.


『Judo』 Required Participants: 1 ・ Match Time: 4 Minutes (Up to 3 Matches for 12 Minutes Total)

Rules: Standard judo rules apply.

Commander Intervention: The commander may choose to invalidate the results of one match and call for a rematch.


A one-on-one event. For Class B, the event that had been chosen was the worst possible outcome imaginable.

This was the first time Ichinose had ever truly felt the sensation of being plunged into darkness.

“Kukuku. Judo? Judo, eh? For THAT to get chosen out of all things. Lady luck ain’t smiling down on you, Ichinose.”


“If the last two events had been from Class B, you wouldda still had a chance at winning!”

Ryūen locked in Yamada Albert without hesitation.

Just like in the Karate event earlier, the rules regarding commander intervention were an ultimate insurance policy that practically guaranteed that he wouldn’t lose.

“Even though your opponent is Albert, don’t let it get to you. The strongest guy doesn’t always win, so ya never know until ya give it a shot.”

The result was already as clear as day. It would be extremely difficult for Class B to beat an opponent whose physique and skill far surpassed their own.

It was the only event that Class B had given up on, where they wouldn’t be able to win no matter what. Ichinose had to select a single person, and she was only given thirty seconds to decide who that would be. But now, Ichinose couldn’t even make the choice to nominate someone anymore.

The seconds ticked away mercilessly until the timer finally reached 0. As per the rules, a student would be chosen at random if the commander failed to make the choice in time, but after considering the danger of the event, Mashima passed the ruling immediately instead.

“Class B loses this event by default. And, this marks the fourth win for Class D, making Class D the overall victor for this special exam.”

At Mashima’s merciful declaration, the outcome of the battle between Class B and Class D had been set in stone.

TL Notes:

Here’s the Chapter 8 introduction. Chapter 8 is around the same size as Chapter 6 or Chapter 2. It’s short but it has some substance to it. I’ll have it finished very, very quickly though. Expect Part 1 to come out tomorrow. Thanks for reading.

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  1. THANKYOU FOR THE GREAT TRANSLATION AS ALWAYS, so Ryuen won, nothung out of the ordinary, I’m curious about what was about to unfold on the other side of things though…

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  2. Ah, my man Ryuen back at it again in his classic style of fighting! After Ichinose constantly getting the easy route to these events in the past, it feels refreshing to see her despair, and maybe this might be able to change her character for better or worse.

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  3. I wonder what the rest of class D thinks of Dragon boi currently. There goes Ichinose’s protection point. Ryuuen is scary in so many ways. I want to see Ryuuen vs Sakayanagi now.

    You are faster than Sonic with your current pace! I feel spoiled. Keep doing what you love and thx for the chap.

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  4. A part of me thinks that Kiyopon might lose in totality but win that 1 event in a way that will Sakayanagi to admit defeat. You know, so that he can remove that protection point because he might feel it’s too irritating to have people relying on him every similar exam. On the other hand though, if he was aiming to climb, winning this battle against class A could Shoot Class C to Class B but that’s probably not what he wqnts? Idk I’m curious

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  5. Ryueen will give Ichinose a lot of nightmares if he keeps it up.

    The pace of releases is excellent, I’m going to be badly used to it. lol

    Thanks for the translation!

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    • It isn’t Kiyotaka. The Author used third-person point of view this time. It’s not like this was the first time he used third-person narrative tho.

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  6. Thank you thank you! Wow Ryuen was incredibly lucky with those draws! Hope nothing was amiss there! Thanks so much for your efforts! You’re awesome!

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  7. I had a feeling that class D would win this time, given it didn’t seem like it was time for Ryūen to be expelled just yet but I certainly wasn’t prepared for this.
    Thanks a lot Graze!

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  8. Hi, this is a bit late but I had just read your foot note in v10 c5 about MTL translation and stuff, and I just want to say thank you for the time you have given to translate.
    I’m just saving the chapters for a long read, this seems to be the latest chapter, so I’ll just post my comment here. Rather than reading MTL by wasting my time to search for them online or damaging my brain to read it, your site is much better and have a better flow to the story. Once again, thank you.

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  9. The first time i smile while reading how ryuuen wins. It’s nice to see he’s back on track and spicy as always. Thanks for the translation

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