Youkoso V11C7 Part 2

Classroom of the Elite Volume 11 Chapter 7 Part 2

TL: Graze/Hina
ED: Josh/PuffyPyjamas

The time came for them to choose the second event. The result of the drawing was…


『Typing』 Required Participants: 1 ・ Time: 30 Minutes

Rules: A competition of speed and accuracy over three different formats of typings skills: Vocabulary, Short Passages, and Essays.

Commander Intervention: The commander will be allowed to notify the participant of one mistake they make during the test.


Once again, the event was one of the ones Class C had come up with. It would be a one-on-one competition.

Apparently, the luck of the draw was on our side.

The event had been proposed by The Professor, who, out of everyone in our class, was the most proficient at anything that had to do with computers.

In fact, his typing speed was second to none amongst everyone in Class C. His speed was unquestionably fast, even when compared to the national average. However, that’s not to say that everything would go perfectly. The primary reason for this is that we had no way of finding out just how many students were proficient at typing in Class A, and just how skilled at it they really were. We had no choice but to place our faith in The Professor’s skills, and his skills alone. That being said, there was still a reason why he was chosen for this project.

“Class C’s gone and chosen another interesting event. Although at first glance it may look like a game, typing is one of the most fundamental skills in the world of information technology. You could even go so far as to call it essential. I suppose it’s only natural that the school would accept it as an event.”

When it comes to academics, Class A was at a major advantage.

Horikita probably wanted to choose skill-based competitions that wouldn’t be influenced by things like that.

“Everyone has one or two things that they’re good at. However, when it comes to competing over such things, it’s hard for anyone to say whether or not they’re absolutely better at them than somebody else. It seems like someone in your class has quite a lot of confidence in their typing skills.”

Generally speaking, most students with special skills who can win in a one-on-one competition also have the potential to succeed in another event, like with how we chose to put Onodera in the basketball match even though she specializes in swimming. On the other hand, by allocating a student like The Professor, who is only good at doing one thing, to the one-on-one match, we would gain an advantage in the events that would come afterward.

I, naturally, chose The Professor… Sotomura Hideo.

Sakayanagi, on the other hand, selected Yoshida Kenta, a student I knew practically nothing about.

For this event, we tried to restrain the commander’s ability to intervene with the event as much as possible.

Our strategy was to let The Professor do his thing without giving Sakayanagi much of a chance to butt in.

The outcome of the event was to be judged by a computer application that had been prepared beforehand by the school.

The results were…

“Class C, Sotomura Hideo: 90 Points. Class A, Yoshida Kenta, 83 Points. Class C wins.”

Once the test was over, Sakagami-sensei announced their scores.

The difference between the two of them was a mere 7 points.

The results were pretty scary to hear given how close it was, but being up by even one point was still a victory.

“While it’s only a bit, it looks like we still fell short. Things really aren’t going to be that simple, are they?”

Class A losing two times in a row had been an unexpected development, but in a way, it had been inevitable.

After all, both of the events had been put forward by Class C, so there wasn’t very much Sakayanagi could’ve done about it.

TL Notes:

I’ve got the rest of the Volume on a schedule. I’m planning on having it finished in full by mid-July or even sooner. Part 3 should be done by tomorrow, and Part 4 will be done the day after. Please look forward to it. Things are really beginning to ramp up.

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13 thoughts on “Youkoso V11C7 Part 2

  1. Great translation, as always. Glad to see you are increasing your pace, good work. The next parts of Chapter 7 will surely be very nerve-racking!

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  2. It seems to be about one event per part, but there’s only two more parts? I guess you can’t comment much on these. These have been very close though. I wonder if the class rankings will change yet again. I still haven’t gotten used to them being class C yet… I doubt it will be a clean sweep, but who knows. Thx for da chap part.

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  3. I was kind of expecting a in-depth narration from the professor. Like, complete with heavy breathing, unnecessary gasps, and a victory pose at the end. A shonen scene would be hilarious.

    Anyway thanks for the translation.

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