Youkoso V11C7 Introduction

Classroom of the Elite Volume 11 Chapter 7 Introduction

Chapter 7: “Ayanokōji Vs. Sakayanagi”

TL: Graze/Hina
ED: PuffyPyjamas

After a lengthy period of preparation, the day of the first years’ final special exam had finally arrived.

As per the rules, the commanders of the losing classes would be expelled from the school. However, this time, they would be stripped of their protection point instead.

The two commanders in charge of the defeated classes would lose the protection point that they had earned during the provisional exam.

While there wouldn’t be any expulsions, it was important to keep in mind that the Class Points would probably fluctuate dramatically.

Depending on the outcome of the exam, there was a good chance that the standings of each class would be affected.

“Today, I want you to forget about all the notes and pointers I’ve given you.”

As I waited for morning homeroom to begin, Horikita spoke up from her seat beside me.

“Choose whichever five events you want, and then pick whoever you want to participate in them.”

“If I take charge and mess up your plans, wouldn’t the rest of the class be unable to adapt to it?”

“I never told anyone which events I’d be choosing or which events they’d be participating in. I simply said that I’d be making those decisions pragmatically depending on the situation, so that shouldn’t be a problem.”

In other words, she had thoroughly set the stage for me to compete without running into any issues.

“Don’t blame me if something goes wrong.”

“This is a class competition. Even though the commanders are allowed to intervene, the exam basically boils down to the strength of our class as a whole. The opponent we’ll be facing is Class A, led by Sakayanagi-san. The most formidable opponent in our school year. Even if you lose, it’s not like anyone would blame you.”

I cast Horikita a sidelong glance and took a look at the last message she had sent me the night before.

It was a record of everything Class C had done to prepare for the special exam these past two weeks.

There was information on what each student had shared in the class discussions, which events they had tried, and how much they had practiced.

“I’ll make the most of your efforts.”

As I got up from my seat, ready to go do what I needed to do, Horikita left me with a few words.

“The odds of chess getting chosen are 7 out of 10. A 70% chance isn’t exactly low.”

Over the past couple of days, Horikita and I had played several matches of chess against each other.

“In the end, I hardly ever won against you, even with you going easy on me.”

It was true that the number of times she had beaten me were few and far between. However, there was no need for her to keep track of it. In this short period of time, Horikita’s chess skills had improved considerably.

“Nobody is stronger than me, even when I’m going easy on them. Remember that.”

“You sure have a lot of confidence in yourself.”

Having wrapped up my conversation with Horikita, I set off to go fulfill my duties as the commander.

The remaining students were pretty much on standby in the main classroom, waiting to receive instructions from the multipurpose room.

After an event is announced, the participants would then change their clothes and go to the designated location. The finer details of the event wouldn’t be shared on the monitors, so the students in the main classroom would have to wait for the participants to get back to learn what happened.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading this. Chapter 7 looks to be the hype part of the volume. The part you’ve all been waiting for. It comes with bad news though, Part 1 is the longest part of the rest of the volume. Gladly, this means that after Part 1 is done, the rest of Volume 11 will be smooth sailing from there. To give you an idea. C7P1 is the same size as chapter 6 as a whole, so it’ll take me a hot minute, but I have a lot of drive to wrap the volume up, so look forward to me having it finished for you quickly!

If you want to see that speed increase even further, send me a message over Discord. I’m still doing the one message per day means one translated line deal. It really adds up and it gets me to open up my document and work, plus it’s fun to interface with you all and meet people. Look forward to Chapter 7 Part 1 coming very soon. I know I am.

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23 thoughts on “Youkoso V11C7 Introduction

  1. The anticipation is killing me! Finally, Kiyotaka will be able to show off his incredible intellect in chapter 7 and onwards. All of the the previous chapters have been building on this chapter- and you know that if the buildup is as long as it is with this volume, you know what going to come next will be really thrilling.

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  2. “Nobody is stronger than me, even when I’m going easy on them. Remember that.”

    That’s why I love him lmao. Thanks for the translation!

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  3. I never realized how confident he truly was (rightfully so tbh). This is perfect to blame it all on Horikita. Time to see just what other plans he has in motion. Thx for the intro.

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  4. I don’t know but this reminds of a manga. The protagonists was challenged to a soccer with him calling the rules. He accepted so his enemy practiced so much until the match, only for it to be a video game instead. Just be careful not to let the enemy pull the rug under your feet.

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  5. I finally caught up, and finally decided to make an account. Thank you for all your hardwork! Love your translations! I really love Sakayanagi and Ayanokōji’s interactions so i’m really looking forward to this XD

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  6. Thanks for the translation. Btw i couldn’t find the discord server, i looked around every page i found in here and didn’t see anything with the word discord in it. Anyone can help me out?


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