Youkoso V11C3 Part 1

Classroom of the Elite Volume 11 Chapter 3 Part 1

TL: Graze/Nick Chuan
ED: PuffyPyjamas/EC/YDGMA

The same day, after all the classes had ended…

Chabashira instructed the class to send the commander, whoever that may be, out into the hallway as soon as possible and left the classroom.

Hirata was the first person to stand up from their seat.

“Erm… The events… We’ll be discuss-”

One of the girls, Nishimura, hurriedly tried to call out to him.

However, her words didn’t seem to get through, as he just quietly left the classroom.


Nishimura and many other students were taken back by the intense dejected atmosphere surrounding Hirata.

The only exception to this was Kōenji, who was casually looking at his phone as if he hadn’t noticed anything at all.

“I’m… going to the bathroom for a bit. I’ll be right back!”

The one to say this was none other than Mei-Yu Wang, a student that everyone called Mii-chan.

Although she said she was going to the bathroom, she had probably gone to chase after Hirata instead.

“Since he’s not being useful, I guess I’ll have to do it after all.”

Horikita took the initiative and began preparing to go up the teacher’s podium.

“Sorry, but I’ll leave this to you. I have my duties as the commander to deal with.”

“Yeah. Head to the multipurpose room to decide which class we’re going up against. If you’re given the choice, choose Class D.”

“I know. Just don’t expect too much out of me.”

I got up from my seat and left the classroom.

As the one who had taken on the responsibilities of the commander, I walked out into the hallway.

“So it’s you this time, Ayanokōji. Who on earth is the commander?”

With an exasperated sigh, Chabashira looked in the direction Hirata and Mii-chan had gone off to.

“It’s me. I’m the commander.”


Together, the two of us headed off to the special building.

“Isn’t the special building a bit far when we’re just selecting our opponents?”

“We’ll also be going over the details on how you’ll be managing things on the day of the exam.”

There was barely anybody around as we arrived at the special building, so the sound of our footsteps was notably louder than usual.

“You went through so much to get your hands on a protection point, only to be forced to become the commander. How unlucky.”

“I wasn’t forced. I volunteered for the position myself.”

Chahashira stopped walking for a moment.

“…You did?”

“Is there something wrong with that?”

“I thought you hated attracting unnecessary attention?”

Chabashira questioned.

“The only difference was whether or not they forced me into it.”

“I see. You’re saying that in either case, you weren’t in much of a position where you could turn it down.”

At the end of the day, the students who had won a protection point were much more likely to become the commander.

If they refused, they would be only one safe from expulsion.

In which case, would they choose to be pushed off a cliff? Or would they choose to jump off on their own terms instead?

“Whatever happened aside, by becoming the commander, you’ve taken on a huge responsibility. If you cut any corners, Class C will be the one to pay the price.”

Since there was nobody around to hear her, Chabashira spoke boldly.

“Are you threatening me?”

As I turned to face her, she let show a slight grin.

“You’re free to think whatever you want. However, I’ll definitely be looking forward to it, Ayanokōji. Because now, after everything that’s happened, I’ll finally be able to see what you’re really made of.”

Her heart set on reaching Class A, Chabashira seemed like she had great expectations of me moving forward.

“There’s no guarantee I’ll win.”

“Is that so? Sorry, but I, for one, can’t possibly imagine that you’d lose.”

After that, the two of us didn’t say very much else as we made our way to the multipurpose room.

TL Notes:

I was super ready to post this yesterday, but ended up getting really distracted and ran out of time. It’s still pretty quick. The next part shouldn’t take that long, but I’m not comfortable enough to give you guys a solid ETA. Please look forward to it either way.

Btw, to those of you asking, I don’t make the parts here. The author segments their chapters into parts ahead of time and I just translate them as the author provides them. There’s no set amount of parts in any given chapter.

Thanks for reading.

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43 thoughts on “Youkoso V11C3 Part 1

  1. “Chabashira instructed the class to send the commander, whoever that may be, out into the hallway as soon as possible and left the classroom.

    Hirata was the first person to stand up from their seat.

    “Erm… The events… We’ll be discuss-”

    One of the girls, Nishimura, hurriedly tried to call out to him”.

    Sometimes I forget that there are dozens of characters in this class that have not yet been highlighted. Who knows, this girl (Nishimura) may not be important in 10 volumes?

    Thank you for the part of this chapter.

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  2. Thank you man, at first when I starter reading here I wasn’t really appreciating you like I do now, I learned that you do this in your spare time for free, and you do a really good job, much love, Ketchup

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  3. there’s no way i’m expecting fast release from you with this kind of speed but whatever the only one and savior is the MTL i guess


    • Then go read your fanfic then with a teenage vision of a psychopathic Ayanokouji from these “translators”, an unbearable Horikita with changes in her dialogues, and of course, don’t forget the dialogs that are deleted when they put on google and let people who like to read a good series with a good translation in peace.

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    • incarnation of yamaGuchi xD
      how are you still here, i thought school cast you out lulw

      Thx for the chapter graze
      You are our belived savior
      Live you man ^^

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      • ahahaha… self-awareness in this are just godlike so yea thanks to your super speed and high quality translation making it super good sire OmegaLOL


      • Mate I’m totally interested in having a conversation with you, but this ‘sentence’ you’ve written doesn’t even make sense. If it wasn’t obvious, I was making fun of you by saying ‘how have you not read the MTL’. If there’s a lack of self-awareness between us, that onus falls on you and your inability to realize I was making a painfully obvious joke at your expense.

        At the end of the day, you read what you want to read. If you want to read the MTL, go read the freaking MTL. If you want to read my unbearably slow translations, read those instead. Judging from how poorly you write, I doubt you can even tell a difference between them. All you’re going to find here is people making fun of you for your broken English and inability to hold any form of reasonable discussion.

        By all means continue commenting stuff like this on my translations. Me and my readers would love to have some more stuff to laugh at after every installment.

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      • what you don’t get sir? i mean do you even want to wait for translator who finish translate 1 volume while 1 or 2+ volumes come out? oh c’mon people already read MTL long ago ahahaha… talking to retards just so interesting eh?


      • No shit you read the MTL a long time ago. You clearly don’t understand English, since that’s exactly what I was clearly making fun of you for. (Aparently my jokes can’t come across unless I spell everything out for you?)

        Keep prattling on and on like this all you want. You just look worse and worse, and I’m just getting more and more amused.

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      • Was about to say he probably doesn’t appreciate the translation because he doesn’t even understand enough English to notice the difference, but I see Graze took care of that xD. Personally I’m happy as long as I don’t have to buy the translation since I dont have money, but having a quality translation like this for free is a steal no matter the waiting time (we all have lives to tend to I’m pretty sure most of us read or watch other stuff as well so it shouldn’t make any difference if we get an entire volume or a part per month) as long as it’s not dropped we’re happy to have your awesome work so keep it up. ❤

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  4. This is my first time posting here, but i want to Thank You for all your good work in this traslation so far. I feel rejoyce every time i see one of your releases Really much appretiate.
    Pd: sorry for my bad english

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  5. Just a note, lately you’ve been using “none other than” as a translation quite a lot, to be point where it’s becoming a bit excessive. I’m not sure if it’s a particular phrase that the author is fond of using but I believe it’s been used 4 or 5 times in book alone already and frankly it doesn’t fit the context very well.

    Thanks for translating the chaper though!


    • This is insightful and I’ll stay aware of it. It’s been used 4 times so far in V11, two of which were explicitly needed, and two of which I could’ve made other choices. It’s something I’ll keep in mind.


      • It’s something to keep in mind. It’s a frequent problem in literature in general. One that personally bothers me a lot is “wry smiles”. They seem to be omnipresent, especially in japanese translations.

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      • “Wry Smiles” is because it’s an immensely common word in Japanese. If you see it a lot, it’s because it’s in Japanese a lot. It’s a verb of it’s own, and it’s not going away.


  6. As far as I’m concerned, I wonder what if Koenji faces against Kiyotaka, that Koenji is super dangerous when he can takes thing easily and the result’s damn good as he expected too. Anyone gets any ideas?

    Anyway, thanks for your hard work.

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    • Tbh I also think very higly of Kouenji. In terms of physical abilities he may be as strong as Ayano(even tho we dont see anything concrete but if u have read carefully you can see he’s extremely athletic).
      In terms of academics I can assume he is lower than Ayano but he doesnt take the things seriously.
      Also his strategic thinking is good(if you remember 8 volume)
      But since we don’t know much about him we can only guess. And as far as I know from spoilers the author keeps keeping him in the shadows.
      He is really confident and mysterious and thats why he is among my favourite characters

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    • I can’t tell if this is sarcasm or genuine rudeness.

      Sarcasm: Yeah I’m trashcan king.

      Not sarcasm: I may be trashcan king, but you’re trashcan queen, bitch.

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    • Go learn japanese in a month if you’re really that impatient about waiting for translations Instead of your stinky ass sitting behind your screen and commenting ungrateful shit just because you can, but I guess based on your comment you’re just a 12 years old brat whose parents spoiled way too much by allowing their unrestricted access to those devices, or maybe you’re just a shut-in neet who lives in their mom’s basement and has no friends or work and don’t have any responsibilites in life because you depend on your mom. You don’t know what it means to have a life at all. I pity you.


  7. And as always Graze, I can only thank you for taking your precious time in producing these high-quality translations. Heck, not even official translations can be as high-quality as yours. In the end, an offical translator is just someone who is paid to translate a work they may or may not be interested in (and in most cases, they are not). Not only are you an excellent translator, but I can also see that you clearly enjoy translating this novel and feel the passion in your translations. I’m not saying that a translator can’t do a great job on works they are not interested in, but I’m a translator myself and I can tell when a translator is passionante about their work, and passion is always a nice thing to taste while reading a work.Those brats keep whining about you being slow so what? The stupid bitch called life is the one to blame. It gives us so much little time to do what we love and forces us to do a lot of things we hate doing (Work and collage for example). And I’m sure some stupid trolls behind their screens won’t make you lose passion in doing what you love. It’s probably just one spoiled brat with multiple accounts because all of their comments share the same broken English and cringy ass whiny shit.

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  8. My English is not good but I can understand the difference … Really, even the difference between a translation of a good translation and a translation of a bad one is huge … My bad English improves as I understand the phrases … but first I look at the translation to get the story right … So much for your translations thank you … I follow with interest from Turkey. Please do not leave the translations … I wrote in translation so as not to misrepresent myself, normally I would never be able to write them. LOL…

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