Youkoso V11C3 Introduction

Classroom of the Elite Volume 11 Chapter 3 Introduction

Chapter 3: “Opponents”

TL: Graze and Nick Chuan
ED: PuffyPyjamas, EC, Graze, and YDGMA

On that same day, during lunch break, almost every student in Class C had agreed to meet up in the classroom.

The students who didn’t bring their own lunches to school were expected to go out and purchase one, then reassemble in the classroom immediately after.

As I was one of those who hadn’t brought lunch, I left the classroom.

Then, I made my way to an isolated location and contacted two specific people with my phone.

I was able to reach the first immediately since I had already sent them a message beforehand.

As for the other person…

After finishing up, I quickly bought my lunch and made my way back to the class.

By the time I had gotten back, there were only two people who hadn’t returned to the classroom.

The first was Kōenji Rokusuke, a student who couldn’t be tied down by anyone.

The other person was Hirata Yōsuke.

Other than those two, there were 37 students gathered in the classroom.

“It seems like Hirata-kun isn’t joining after all.”

“Looks like it.”

Although some people were voicing their concerns, we were running out of time with every passing moment.

It would be better for everyone if we held as many event selection discussions as possible. Every single one counted.

“‘Turn over a new leaf’, my ass! In the end, that guy doesn’t have any plans on taking this seriously at all, does he!?”

I could understand why Sudō was on the verge of an outburst.

There were probably at least some of us who thought Kōenji might take things more seriously, even if just on the surface.

However, reality isn’t so kind.

Or rather, humans aren’t ones to change that easily.

Skating by with colorful, half-hearted words, Kōenji would probably continue to give us the slip.

But I don’t think that will work forever.

Sooner or later, another exam like The Class Vote would happen again.

And when that time comes, Kōenji would be the one who had to pay the price.

“Screw that piece of shit, let’s just start.”

“Don’t let him get under your skin. Anyways, I made copies of the handout Chabashira-sensei left for us so everyone could have one. I’ll distribute them now. Carefully read through it as you eat. We’ll have a more thorough discussion on the specifics after school.”

Now that Hirata was out of the picture, Horikita had no choice but to step up and lead the way.

“If there’s anything you come across that you don’t understand, please feel free to come ask me about it while we’re eating.”

From the looks of it, Horikita had already read through the handout and fully understood everything.

TL Notes:

Damn you guys sent me so many more messages than I expected. I can’t even count them. But yeah being reminded every 10-20 minutes like that is probably what it’ll take to keep me reminded to keep working at it. Part 1 later today or tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Maybe I just didn’t follow things right, but why “Chapter 2 part 1” followed by “Chapter 3”? Shouldn’t there be a part 2 to chapter 2?
    Thanks regardless.


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