Youkoso V11 Epilogue Introduction

Classroom of the Elite Volume 11 Epilogue Introduction

Epilogue: The Line Between Winner and Loser

TL: Graze/Hina
ED: Josh/PuffyPyjamas/Heero/Reg/EC

The sixth event was Archery, Class C’s two-on-two event, and we had managed to secure the win thanks to Akito’s strenuous efforts. Thus, the score evened out at three wins and three losses each.

During the event, Sakayanagi didn’t say very much. Instead, she just quietly watched as it took its course.

It was as if she had wanted the score to tie at three to three like this.

Up next was the long-awaited final seventh event.

And, as a mischievous twist of fate, the result of the drawing was…


『Chess』 Required Participants: 1 ・ Initial Time Allotted Per Person: 1 Hour (Running out of Time will Result in a Loss)

Rules: Standard chess rules apply. However, your allotted time will not increase before each move, even after the 40th turn.

Commander Intervention: At any given time, the commander may give instructions to the participating player for a maximum of 30 minutes. Any time spent giving instructions will also use the corresponding participant’s allotted time.


There was no rule requiring that time would be added at the start of each turn, such as the Fischer Rule.
This was probably a countermeasure meant to reign in the overall match time. It’s fairly common for a typical chess match to take more than two hours, but they had probably set the time limit to one hour per person for the same reason.

“We’ll be facing off in the seventh event with three wins apiece, and I couldn’t be happier. Furthermore, for this event to be our finale… It seems good things really do come to those who wait after all.”

Sakayanagi was probably looking to intervene at the peak of the match and provide her ally with instructions.

In fact, we were both probably going to have to intervene at roughly the same time.

Given the rules on commander intervention, it didn’t seem like I’d be able to beat Sakayanagi without taking the match seriously.

“For us to have driven Class A all the way to the seventh event, isn’t that a bit of a miscalculation on your part?”

“Yes. I suppose I must admit that you’ve pressured us quite well in the athletic events.”

Sakayanagi spoke generally, reflecting on the six events that happened so far.

“Nevertheless, this seventh event is a little different. This battle will largely depend on the true abilities of the commander.”

“I’m sorry to inform you, but I happen to be very good at chess.”

From this point onward, Sakagami-sensei and Hoshinomiya-sensei would be observing our battle.

It was probably for the best to take a few precautions, just in case.

“My goodness… what a coincidence! Then it seems that my choice of chess may have been a mistake.”

But before anything else, there was the warm-up match. The event would start with a face-off between the students each of us had prepared.

I chose Horikita Suzune from the list of students who hadn’t participated in any events yet.

Whereas the student Sakayanagi chose was none other than Hashimoto Masayoshi.

“So Horikita-san takes the stage after all? Even though she’s an honors student, you hadn’t used her because you wanted to hold onto her until the final event, isn’t that right?”

“There’s no reason for me to hold onto my trump card anymore.”

Our selections were communicated to each of the classes, notifying them to get moving for the start of the event.

“Would either of you like to get a drink of water?”

Hoshinomiya-sensei asked, worried about the two of us since we hadn’t gotten up from our seats since the exam began.

“Thank you for your concern, but there’s no need to worry.”

“I’m fine as well.”

“Is that so? Well, that’s good, then…”

Hoshinomiya-sensei sighed in a way that highlighted her discomfort. She didn’t seem to like the tense, strained atmosphere of the room.

“It seems that they’re ready. So, we will now begin the seventh event.”

At Sakagami-sensei’s direction, Sakayanagi and I put a stop to our idle chatting.

The stage they had prepared seemed to be the corner of one of the lecture halls. There, a lone chessboard had been set up.

[Please, go ahead.]

Horikita and Hashimoto both slowly bowed to one another.

At last, the final battle began.

TL Notes:

Sorry for being late! I got super distracted. I’ll try to have Part 1 posted tomorrow! Thanks for reading.

Btw, here’s a meme line we had while doing this part. Was fun. Heero was a rude asshole and didn’t let it get included in the final version. Smh.


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8 thoughts on “Youkoso V11 Epilogue Introduction

  1. When people tell you to hurry up I laugh, cause they don’t understand that you don’t owe them anything. Keep up the good work. I like this series due to the writer subverting expectations, but when you do it too much we expect it. I expect kiyota to lose but thoroughly destroy sakayanagi, how he does it is probably let sakayanagi destroy horitoka and then when all the pieces are gone he forces a stalemate or narrow loss. He doesn’t want that protection point anyways.

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  2. Thanks so much one little thing though, “ This was probably a countermeasure meant to [reign] in the overall match time. It’s fairly common for a typical chess match to take more than two hours, but they had probably set the time limit to one hour per person for the same reason.”, isn’t the correct word rein not reign? I’m not sure but I think that’s the case


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