Youkoso V11 Chapter 1 Intro

Classroom of the Elite Volume 11 Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 1: “The Teachers’ Battle”

TL: Graze and Your Dog Gave Me AIDS
ED: Catalystic/PuffyPyjamas/Reg/EC

On a certain day in February, a little before the provisional Class Vote special exam had been officially announced…

The faculty of Advanced Nurturing High School were continuously busy with their work.

They were preparing everything for the upcoming promotions, expulsions, and graduation of their students.

Additionally, they were also preparing the final special exams for the entire student body.

It was a busy time where they were constantly swamped with work.

None of the teachers had the freedom to do anything but devote themselves to their work, day after day.

However, the teachers in charge of the first-year students had much more on their minds than their colleagues.

“That should wrap everything up regarding the details of the first-years’ final special exam, as well as the incorporation of the new system we’ll be putting in place.”

A lone man finished up his explanation on the final special exam of the year in front of all of the staff members.

When it came to the second and third-year students, the explanation hadn’t been too different from usual. However, that wasn’t true for the first-years.

“If there are any questions, please feel free to ask.”

Within this tense, biting atmosphere, the man looked around at each of the teachers who were listening carefully.

The silence lasted for several seconds.

“If I may, Acting Director Tsukishiro.”

With a raise of the hand, first-year Class A’s homeroom teacher, Mashima, broke the silence that had been enshrouding the staff room.

Both Chabashira and Hoshinomiya, homeroom teachers of the same grade, turned their gaze toward Mashima as well.

The man, Acting Director Tsukishiro, had already noticed that many of the first-year homeroom teachers were harboring doubts about his plan. Rather, he thought that it would’ve been unreasonable if they hadn’t seemed at least a little doubtful.

Tsukishiro was assessing their value as human beings.

He wanted to see whether or not they were mere working members of society. Whether or not they were the kind of teachers who only cared about their own paychecks.

“What do you want to say, Mashima-sensei?”

Having already anticipated Mashima’s question, Tsukishiro let show a smile.

“While the special exams for the second and third years are just as difficult as they had been in previous years, the special exam for the first years is far more difficult than usual. There’s a huge risk that there will be expulsions because of this ‘Class Vote’ provisional exam…”

As a teacher in charge of first-year students and for the sake of the future of the children, Mashima spoke out against Tsukishiro, unafraid of his title as the Acting Director of the school. And without waiting for a response, he continued to protest.

“Forgive my rudeness, Acting Director, but you’ve only just recently been appointed to your post at this school. Although I understand you’ve made this decision based on everything that has happened so far, I think it’s somewhat inappropriate for us to do something that will force expulsions just because there haven’t been any amongst the first-years yet.”

Apparently amused by Mashima’s question… or rather, Mashima’s protests, Tsukishiro grinned with a white, toothy smile.

“A huge risk that there will be expulsions, is it? Haven’t the students had to fear expulsion during every special exam so far? The rules of this school state that receiving just one failing mark would result in expulsion, right? I don’t think an ordinary high school would have such a strict system in place.”

“I’m talking about how unreasonable it is. Indeed, students who are unable to reach a certain threshold are expelled. That system isn’t meant to be lenient. Truth be told, that very system has been getting numerous students expelled every year.”

This school holds various special exams every year, all while keeping them within an acceptable range of difficulty.

Staying within those limits, this current batch of first-year students had nearly made it through the whole year without any expulsions. It’s unclear whether or not it’s because their level of prowess is different than that of the other school years, but there must be a reason why they’ve managed to come so far without losing anyone. To Mashima, it’s important to take advantage of that prowess and help facilitate it for as long as possible.

To Tsukishiro, however, it was different.

“If it’s just about getting numerous students expelled, then wouldn’t this exam do the same thing?”

“No. This provisional exam is obviously different than the policies we’ve had up until now. I cannot approve of something that practically forces expulsions.”

All by himself, Mashima stubbornly refused to back down, while the rest of the teachers simply remained silent.

“Besides, you abruptly decided to introduce an entirely new system for the final special exam of the year. Something like this has never happened before, and you’ve never given us any reason for it either.”

Mashima’s resistance was futile. The teachers had known this from the very beginning.

It would be impossible to overturn the decision. It simply couldn’t be changed.

“It seems that Mashima-sensei’s way of thinking is a little old-fashioned. Have you never considered the possibility that the way things had been done up until now was wrong?”

From within the staff room, the back-and-forth between Tsukishiro and Mashima continued to repeat itself. However, it was painfully obvious that Mashima was at a disadvantage. As a mere teacher, he was simply no match for Tsukishiro.

“Younger children absorb information far better than most adults would think. With that in mind, I decided against having the second and third-year students participate, narrowing down the focus of the exam to only the first-year students. After all, the first-years still haven’t been completely tainted by the school yet. If this new system ends up being successful, it’ll be easy to test it on the incoming first-year students in the future as well.”

“These first-years have gotten this far without any expulsions. Do you really want to put an end to it, just like that?”

“How well they do in the short-term is meaningless. It’s about how well they do in the future. Let’s stay future-oriented.”

Tsukishiro rebuked Mashima once again before proceeding to continue his point.

“The government has great expectations for this school. It’s a new school where experimental ventures have been taking place, and its history is still shallow. That’s why I think we should be willing to try all sorts of things.”

“There’s nothing wrong with being future-oriented. However, it seems to me that you’re treating the current batch of first-years like guinea pigs. As a homeroom teacher, that is something I simply cannot approve of.”

Mashima continued to challenge Tsukishiro head-on, trying every means at his disposal to change the direction the special exams were going in.

But, the implementation of the Class Vote provisional exam had already been decided. It was probably impossible for Mashima to stop it now.

“…Mashima-sensei, that’s enough.”

Fully aware of how futile his actions were, Chabashira finally intervened after Mashima had almost reached a stopping point.

For a moment, Mashima swallowed the words that were about to come pouring out.

However, the one to press the matter again was none other than Tsukishiro himself.

“It’s not a problem. If you have something to say, I’d like to hear all of it. After all, I can understand the anxiety all you teachers must be feeling right now after all. Isn’t that right, Mashima-sensei?”

“Then, by any chance, could you at least reconsider it?”

Mashima asked Tsukishiro if he would reconsider the provisional special exam.

It seemed as if Tsukishiro was offering a lifeline, but that wasn’t the case.

Unlike Chairman Sakayanagi, Acting Director Tsukishiro didn’t have the slightest intention of listening to the teacher’s opinions.

“Reconsider? It’s not that simple. While it may be temporary, I am the director here. That is to say, even though the director holds the responsibility of determining the policies and guidelines at this school, the director is still just a puppet. That said, I’m nothing more than someone who was expressly sent here by an even higher corporate body backed by the government.”

With those words, Mashima’s show of resistance quickly amounted to nothing.

Tsukishiro had made it clear that their opinions came second. The future of Advanced Nurturing High School came first and foremost.

“So you’re saying it doesn’t matter if students are expelled one after another because of these strict rules?”

“Those who don’t adapt will be eliminated. That is how society works… no, that is the providence of nature itself. Besides, haven’t we already compromised by allowing the incorporation of protection points? You should be satisfied enough with that, right?”

The tense atmosphere gradually began to calm down.

The slow-paced morning meeting was also drawing to a close.

“All things considered, the current Chairman, Mr. Sakayanagi, has been placed under house arrest due to suspicions over improper conduct. If that does happen to be the case, I simply can’t inherit education policies that had been established by that kind of person. Of course, I do hope that he’ll be cleared of all suspicions and be returned to his position as soon as possible, but…”

With a single clap of the hands, Tsukishiro quickly looked around at each of the teachers.

“Time’s almost up, so let’s leave things off here. Oh, that reminds me. I’ve been looking into whether or not our school can hold a cultural festival next year. I’m thinking I’d like to hear all of your opinions about that, so I look forward to hearing back from all of you when that time comes.”

“A cultural festival? As a matter of principle, we should be hesitant to do anything that would involve opening up the school to the outside world…”

This time, doubts arose from the homeroom teachers for the second and third-year students as well.

“That old-fashioned way of thinking is quite problematic. I believe that, in order for us to become a more nationally recognized school, the school needs to undergo change as many times as necessary. Naturally, we’ll have to carefully select who we’ll invite inside, but there’s no need to worry about that. We won’t open the school to the general public, instead, after a strict selection process, the school would only be opened up to those who are well-acquainted with the way the school works, like politicians. This way, information about us won’t leak out into the outside world too excessively. In any case, I’d like for all of us to explore the opportunity with an open mind. You’re all dismissed.”

Just like that, Acting Director Tsukishiro wrapped up the meeting. The teachers’ battle had come to its end, and the teachers were powerless to do anything about it.

TL Notes:

Some extra info about Volume 11 can be found here. Otherwise, please just keep in mind that the events of this part took place BEFORE the events of Volume 10. This is true for Part 1 of Chapter 1 as well. An ETA for Part 1? Well, considering that I’ve had this part completely edited and ready for a few days now, and instead just got really lazy to post it, then I’m fairly sure my ETA doesn’t have any relevance.

If I have to give one anyway, it would be that I’ll have it posted by tonight.

Look forward to it!

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  1. Thanks for the release.

    The point of the school is really the heart of the story. We call it “Classroom of the Elite” in English but it was never about the elite, it’s just a search for a more humane (I woudn’t call it fully humane sine they would abate violence) alternative to the White Room.

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    • Pretty sneaky move on his part. Pretty sure its just a way to give Kiyotaka’s father (or yet more of his minions) an excuse to get inside, what with all that talk about how “the school would only be opened up to those who are well-acquainted with the way the school works”.

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    • The relation between ayanokoji and the father willl be a key point this voume :how the new director through the festival will try to make meets the father and ayanokoji. i also like the part about the father beeing an ambitious and unsettling man , compared to his son , powerful but lenient .I ‘m waiting to see ayanokoji suffer a loss and also show those traits.Thanks ofr the translation!

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