Youkoso V10C3 Part 4

Classroom of the Elite Volume 10 Chapter 3 Part 4

TL: Graze/Hina/Reg
ED: Catalystic/PuffyPyjamas/Josh

The bad atmosphere persisted even after classes had ended.

Whether she minded it or not, my neighbor Horikita quietly began to prepare her belongings just like always.

It was difficult to tackle an exam like this one by yourself. Usually, you would want to think about making as many allies as possible, yet Horikita didn’t show any intention of doing such a thing.

Putting it optimistically, Sudō was pretty much the only person guaranteed to cast their praise vote for Horikita.

That said…

I recalled Horikita’s confrontation with Ryūen the other day.

Pondering over what she wanted to gain from him and what she lacked as a person had allowed me to understand her strategy moving forward.

It seemed as though she intended to handle this exam in a different way from everybody else, but that wasn’t an easy road to take.

However, if she could really pull it off, it’d be a wish come true as far as I was concerned. I’d be able to treat her strategy and mine as the same thing, and have Horikita take responsibility for all of it.

I turned and looked throughout the classroom, envisioning how Horikita saw our classmates.

“It’s rare that you haven’t tried to ask me for advice yet. You’re really fine with the exam?”

Even though it had only been a day, I decided to confirm whether Horikita had changed or not.

“Even if I asked you for advice, it’s not like you’d give me a straight answer.”


Horikita was gradually beginning to understand that I wouldn’t give out advice so easily.

“Besides… This isn’t exactly the type of exam where you can just go and ask your classmates for help.”

“Many of the other students have been forming groups in order to secure praise votes, though.”

“If people want to do that, then they are perfectly free to do so.”

Horikita finished gathering up her things and got up from her seat.

“Then, what are you going to do?”

“What I can.”

With these words, Horikita left the classroom.

As I was a bit curious, I decided to follow after her.

“What is it?”

She stared at me with a bit of a scowl, displeased that I had followed after her.

“I’m a little interested in what you’re going to do.”

“You usually don’t like to involve yourself with me, so why now?”

Why, huh?

Put simply, it was because I was looking forward to the strategy she had decided on.

If she really put it into action, I wanted to fully support her.

That said, I didn’t intend to say this to her here.

“You haven’t joined a group yet, right? If you’re in a pinch, I can help you.”

“Is that how it is? More or less, you’re worried about my situation, aren’t you? If I asked you for help, you’re saying that you’d let me join that group you’re a part of?

“It wouldn’t be troublesome for us to take in another person.”

“Even though I appreciate the offer, I must refuse. You aren’t the person I’m looking for right now.”

It appeared as though she had already resolved herself.

However, her resources were limited and she was still at the point where she was being driven by her anxiety.

I probably wasn’t the right person to make up for those deficiencies.

“You really…”

She scowled at me even more intensely than before.


“Just leave me alone.”

She spoke harshly, stopping me in my tracks.

If I were to continue to follow Horikita, it would only serve to make her angrier.

After watching her leave, I gazed through the hallway window for a moment, taking in the view.

“I guess I’ll head home for today.”

“…Could I bother you for a moment, Ayanokōji-kun?”

As if he was just passing by, Hirata showed up. It made me wonder if he had followed behind me as well.

Judging from the timing, he had probably been waiting for Horikita and I to separate.

“If it’s alright with you, could you join me for a bit after school? I need to talk with you.”

It was a rare invitation from Hirata, one which I had no particular reason to turn down.

As I responded to him with a nod, Hirata let out a sigh of relief.

After passing a full day immersed in the strained atmosphere of the classroom, he seemed to be the most worn out student in the class.

Of course, I could infer this was largely related to the special exam.

“Alright, how about meeting near the southern entrance of Keyaki Mall at half-past four?”


That was all we said to each other.

It didn’t seem like it was something we could talk about here.

After all, the students heading off to club activities and returning home were constantly walking past us.

I had been planning to meet up with Keisei and the others after school today, so I had to tell them that I was going to be a little late. Hirata seemed to be busy talking with his friends for the time being, so I decided to head to Keyaki Mall ahead of him.

TL Notes:

This part is short, I know, but I should have Part 5 done by the end of the day on Friday, and Part 6 finished not long after that. Chapter 3 looks more or less like it’s wrapping up, with Part 7 being the final part of the Chapter. I have heard that Chapter 4 is short as well, but I have no idea if it’s true or not. We will have to see when that time comes! Part was delayed due to a midterm I had to take yesterday, so sorry for making you all wait. Thanks for reading.

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14 thoughts on “Youkoso V10C3 Part 4

  1. Thanks a lot for your hard work. And yes, chapter 4 is much shorter. You should be over with it within a week


  2. Bueno el cap 4 tiene 3 partes solamente pero la 3 es bien larga es como si esa estuviera dividido en 2 o 3 partes
    Psdta:gracias por la traduccion como siempre

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  3. So I have to big issues with this series, though I do enjoy it a lot.

    Ayanokouji has shown very little in terms of development throughout the entire series. He has helped several other characters develop quite a lot, but he himself hasn’t shown any such tendency. I quite enjoy his machiavellian nature, but I do think having him be a static character is growing stale. Ideally I’d like to see him learn to open up to other people and see the benefit in having allies rather than just junior partners (such as Karuizawa).

    Secondly, the books have been very structured and leaves very little in terms of plot twists past the first couple of volumes. I’d like to see the author break this structure and change the rules of the game somewhat so that not every volume is the same.

    Just had to get it off my chest somewhere, thanks for the chapter 🙂

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      You’ve summarized my exact feels about the series. I like moments like in the last part where Kiyo felt something for Ryuuen, but it’s too uncommon. I just want these 2 issues to be addressed because even the writing feels formulaic to me now as well.


      • There’s the chance it’ll happen soonish. The school year is clearly ending and with Nagumo’s changes coming into effect that should mix up the rules somewhat. We also have a new cast of characters coming in with a new batch of 1st years. I’d also really like to see Ayanokouji take a more active role as an instigator of the incidents rather than the passive attitude he has taken currently.

        As for his development. I think that is less likely, which is really unfortunate since that could mix things up by itself. It would require the author to make changes to what is clearly a well liked character.


  4. Thanks for the release.

    Talk with Hiyori in the previous one, talk with Horikita here, Talk with Hirata next, busy schedule for Kiyopon.

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