Youkoso V10C3 Intro

Classroom of the Elite Volume 10 Chapter 3 Introduction

Chapter 3: The Difficulty of Salvation

TL: Graze, Hina, and Regular Days
ED: PuffyPyjamas, Catalystic, Josh-kun

I checked my phone when I woke up the next morning.

And, sure enough, the Ayanokōji Group’s group chat had progressed greatly while I was asleep.

It hadn’t even been a full day since Chabashira had announced the supplementary exam, so it was understandably at the center of their discussion.

“They’re really being driven by their anxiety, aren’t they?”

Airi’s concern was particularly obvious given the way she had written her messages.

Things would get messy if someone in our group became a target. I wasn’t sure just how much I’d be involving myself, and it was also true that it was a difficult situation to make countermeasures for. Even though I intended to make the necessary arrangements for Hirata and Kei, there were no guarantees.

Even if you threatened someone and forced them to make an agreement, there was still a chance they would change their votes at the last minute. There was simply no surefire way to avoid expulsion if you were targeted by a large number of censure votes.

In any case, everyone had to undergo at least a certain amount of risk.

As I scrolled back through the messages, there was an interesting proposal from Keisei. I began reading from there.

Keisei: [How do you guys feel about having one of us go to school early for the next three days to collect information?]

Akito: [Since we’re such a small group, that might be a good idea. I’m on board.]

Haruka: [That might be a good move. I am curious about what kind of stuff other groups will be saying.]

Airi: [I agree too.]

Haruka: [I’ll do it tomorrow since I’ll be heading out early.]

Everyone had unanimously come to an agreement. They had discussed waiting to hear my thoughts on the matter, but since it usually took a while for me to check my phone, they ultimately decided to move forward with it and see what I thought about it later on.

“I see.”

While I didn’t believe that information would fall into our laps so easily, it was still better than doing nothing.

As a strategy, not only was it simple, but the potential results were well worth the hassle too.

As the entire conversation had happened last night, Haruka was probably already in the classroom.

Given the flow of their conversation, it seemed like the others would take up the role of heading to school early for the other two days, so it was probably fine even if I didn’t do anything.

The vote was taking place in three days. In other words, the specifics regarding who we were going to focus our censure votes on would need to be finalized by today at the latest. For the time being, it’d be lucky if the Ayanokōji Group could learn any valuable information in the mornings like Keisei planned.

Meanwhile, as I waited to hear back from Kei about the girls in the class, I thought about scoping out information about the boys from Horikita, who was reigning in Sudō, or Hirata.

After all, it was important to have a grasp on the information as early as possible.

TL Notes:

Whoops! I’ve had this part finished for 2 or so days now, but I totally forgot to post it. I kinda just thought it was already posted lol. The next part is longish? It’s like medium size. I’m working on it passively, but I gotta write this Depth First Search algorithm program for my summer classes so that will suck up a bit of time. The program doesn’t seem super hardcore though so I’ll have to see how long it takes me.

I’ve made the call to change the title of the chapter to something that reads better and keeps the meaning there.

Uh, sorry for the delay for posting this lol. I’ll get the next one out more reasonably fast.

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18 thoughts on “Youkoso V10C3 Intro

  1. Thanks for the hard work!

    On another note, did I miss something? “Even though I intended to make the necessary arrangements for Hirata and Kei, there were no guarantees.” Because I’ve been re-reading the previous parts and did not see a particular reason why Kiyotaka would arrange something for Hirata. Weird.


    • He just went and said ‘nobody is safe’ and Hirata is important to him, so he wants to ensure his safety. I felt like it was pretty clear given the context and the important Kiyo has specified for Hirata in the past volumes.


  2. Thanks for the release.

    It’s pretty sparse though, I’m surprised he even considers Hirata might be targeted though. Or does he have to save him from himself?

    Liked by 2 people

    • Ahaha! It’s a bit more complicated than a simple DFS, but I agree it’s a quick program! Sadly, I want to do it myself for the sake of learning, but I appreciate your offer!


  3. you guys do know that you can read classroom of the elite volume 10 on Wattpad right. The whole volume is there and at this point, I’m just waiting for volume 11 to get translated.


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