Youkoso V10 Afterword

Classroom of the Elite Volume 10 Afterword

TL: Graze/Hina/Reg/Liam

Howdy! How is everyone? Happy new year! This is an inexplicable afterword that I wrote in the middle of the night, and I’m quite excited to share it with you.

Yes. Every year that goes by, it becomes harder and harder to stay up late. Back when I was a teenager, it was easy for me to stay up for two days (48 hours) straight! It’s hard to believe I can boast about something so trivial. Rather, I’ve only been awake for 20 hours now and I’m already about to die, how did it come to this?

Make sure you sleep at least six hours every day.

Indeed. Oh yeah, with this volume, the first year is now over…

It’s over… NOT!

In the previous afterword, I had said the first year would come to an end in Volume 10, but it’s still not over!

This is because, to tell you the truth, when I began working on Volume 10, I had intended to include both the provisional exam and the final exam, but the former ended up using far more pages than I had planned. There was no way to cram everything into one volume, so it just turned out this way.

While this volume ended up thicker than I expected, the next one will absolutely be the end of their first year. After that, there will be a one-volume interval (Volume 11.5) that takes place before the start of the second year.

My plans always seem to change after I announce something in the afterword, so I’m a little anxious, but… I try not to think about that.

Unlike these light novels, this past year feels like it has gone by so quickly! It feels like 2018 arrived only just yesterday, and it was already 2019 in the blink of an eye (The year at which this volume was released). It’s unbelievable.

Despite wanting to increase my writing speed from one volume every four months to one volume every 3 months, I haven’t been able to successfully make it happen these past several years, which is frustrating. Either way, I always aim for a three-month timespan.

Last year, just like always, I was helped by both my illustrator, Tomose, and my editor. I’m going to rely on you guys even more in 2019 as well, so please continue to do everything you do!

Therefore, to you, the reader, please continue to support both me and this work in the future.

TL Notes:

This was written by Kinugasa, the author of Youkoso, not me the translator. Please don’t confuse it for my own words.

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30 thoughts on “Youkoso V10 Afterword

  1. Thank you!
    I think I lost something, what is the “big announcement regarding Volume 11” you mentioned in part 6?


  2. Thanks for the volume!!
    This vol is so good ! The exam really makes me scratch my head to think. I mean, while the others is full of possibilities, this one has no loophole !
    A little bit sad at the end, but satifying and exciting at the same time.
    Looking forward to next volume (✧ω✧) and thank you for your efforts.

    ( S*** i’m late for work, this take me and hour to google translating (-_-) )

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Now that volume 10 is completed, onto Volume 11. Thanks for translating bro. Epilogue was the most interesting part in the whole volume, especially the praise points for Kiyotaka was a surprise.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. My man Graze! Thank you very much for your hard work, now I can finally read volume 10.

    I really appreciate the energy and time you put into this. May you be blessed for your kindness.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thanks for always translating graze
    Can’t wait for the big announcement about Volume 11,maybe you have translated the whole volume secretly and waiting to surprise us!
    Just kidding please take your time we enjoy your translations.
    A small question
    I read a summery of V10 and in the epilogue part after Ayanokouji met Ryūen it was written that he met Kei and she asked him about the results, I read your translation for that part again but couldn’t find this part, maybe it’s just a mistake from the summary group.
    Anyway thanks again and keep going!


  6. Thank you for your work graze, im glad i could find the site where the original translator post so i can thank you in a proper way. Im excited to see how ayanokouji will finally get rid of sakayanagi and im already suspecting now that she knows the position he’s in she will help him not get expelled in the future

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Thanks for the translation. The volume was epic in how the main problem weren’t to see how they can solve the exam without anyone expelled, but how the main problem was that someone was goint to be expelled without a doubt.
    For the next volume, and the one wich ends the year, there is some points to be aware. Nor Ichinose or Ryuuen have plenty of points. Katsuragi can be like he don’t have fangs anymore, but who knows. A new director it’s going to rule the school after the exam.The C class will have to put together and fight the next exam without time to cry over Yamauchi empty spot.
    And last but definitely not least, the battle of Sakayanagi-Ayanokouji and Nagumo-Horikita Manabu.
    I’ll be back after some months.

    Liked by 1 person

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