Youkoso and ID Update

2/17 Edit: Introduction has been posted. Find it here. Part 1 is on its way.

Hello everyone!

My blog has been silent for a bit now, so I thought it’d be good for me to get an update out there to show I’m alive.

Youkoso Chapter 6 Introduction is on its way. I’m about 25% done with it, and I will definitely find time to do the rest after this Friday. I have 4 CS projects due this week, and they’ve utterly swallowed up all of my free time, so please, just wait a bit longer and I’ll do my damnedest to get you all a part to read by this Sunday. (My fingers are crossed)

For ID readers, you might have to wait a bit longer to read the next Chapter, but I promise I haven’t forgotten the series. I’m moving as fast as I can, so please look forward to the next Chapter of this as well.

Thank you everyone for your continued support.

10 thoughts on “Youkoso and ID Update

  1. Thanks for the update. Hope you get those projects down and they turn out well.

    Always looking forward to any Infinite Death when you get the time to post something.


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