Small? Update

Hello everyone, Graze here.

I wanted to do a brief update on a few things. I moved around some of the headers on the website to outline exactly which series were dropped and which were not. This way we would hopefully get fewer questions/queries about whether or not we were continuing series that we are sadly not currently continuing.

About an update for the next parts of V2, it should be relatively soon. I still have yet to see anything regarding a takedown notice for anything Youkoso related, so the current plan is to continue and hopefully finish the translation someday. I am kinda also working on Volume 9 on the side so that is taking some time, but I should still be able to get parts of V2 out when possible, and if I can’t, the official translation of the volume is slated for release in August, so that can be looked forward to instead.

Next, I’ve gone and uploaded the entirety of my translation of Youkoso’s 6th volume to the website, complete with illustrations. This is in hopes of letting people who are only aware that what has been translated here is just the tip of the iceberg. I won’t be linking to any sources for any of the other volumes in the series other than Volume 6 and possibly parts of the 9th volume that I work on at a later date. You’ll have to search for those yourself as I was not the translator responsible for them.

Finally, I decided recently to possibly maybe sorta kinda agreeing to translate another series sometime as a personal side project. I have ideas currently about what to do if I choose to do anything, but I’m also willing to take suggestions. Let me know through discord or comments about what you might want to see me work on, and I’d be glad to consider it. Sadly, I can confidently tell you that I have no interest in continuing the translation of the Gamers! light novel series. Just let me know! Thanks and happy holidays!


12 thoughts on “Small? Update

  1. Excellent, thanks for all your hard work. I really liked your volumen 6 translation.
    Regarding suggestions, would you consider translating some of these?
    *Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja Nai: the anime was really really fun, apart from the shitty animation quality…
    *Boku to Kanojo no Game Sensou, except your not into gaming stories in general xD
    *Chuuko Demo Koi Ga Shitai!, since the project seems kinda dead at Kondee’s site :S


  2. Thanks a lot for the translations of Classroom of the Elite. I really appreciate your efforts.
    I hope you continue beyond Volume 9, if there are no issues regarding takedown notices. And if there are maybe you could just post them to Pastebin and continue there.


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