Youkoso V2C3 Part 7

I’m pretty sure you guys have been waiting for this – Part 7 is done! Read it here! Part 8 is currently on the way!
Blog update in abit, but a Tldr is that we took on Josh-kun as a Proofreader!


Hope you guys have a Super Awesome Splendid Fantastical Amazing Day!

6 thoughts on “Youkoso V2C3 Part 7

  1. Thank you for the read. But what is your plan regarding this series? Haylu(sorry I can’t remember the groups name at all) Recently finished Volume 3 I believe, but stopped after that due to it being licensed officially.


    • The series is actually entirely translated outside of what is left of Volume 2 and portions of Volume 7. I will finish up what remains of Volume 2 here for sure so that readers can read what’s available from the start to the end of the series. I personally entirely translated the 6th volume before coming to this one. If you do some searching over the internet you can probably easily find the translations that are out there for volumes 4, 4.5, 5, 6, 7, 7.5, and 8! (They’re posted on Pastebin)

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    • Regarding the DMCA issue, we’ll prolly just keep posting until we actually get a DMCA notice(Hopefully it’s not an email sent only to Q since he’s inactive). From there we’ll most likely see how things play out in terms of starting a new TL or smth.


    • At this time I don’t have any intentions of translating that series myself. Another translation group is free to pick it up, and there is a very small chance that I’d consider picking it up after finishing Volume 2 of Youkoso.


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